Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wed 28, June - Pelican Park 6km.

Again, my parents were absolute champions and looked after my little girl while I ran at the foreshore today, so I dropped her off at lunchtime and pretty much headed straight off. I was really looking forward to this run, I knew that it would have to be much better than my last attempt of 6km there (Last Monday I think).

I decided to wear my Ipod today and run in the opposite direction that I like to go, I don't know why. Anyway only about 4mins into the run it felt like I had been running forever and I was having head troubles already. I couldn't believe it and kept telling myself that it would all be sweet and become easier once my legs warmed up, which of course it did. I tried keeping a steady pace for the first two laps. The first lap took me 13:02 mins, the second took 13:13, then the last lap I decided to try and run it at a faster pace for 3/4 of the lap. I started the lap at the same pace I was doing but picked it up once I got to the first bend. I completed that lap in 12:12 mins. I felt like I pushed that last lap and don't think I could have done it much faster. The final time was 38:27.

My legs were heavy and hurting a little through the run, mainly the first 1.5laps. BUT I had no probs with my blisters and my shins have pulled up well. I have booked in for some nasty deep tissue massage for next tuesday though. It actually feels like I have fluid in one of my shins, I was trying to describe how it feels to Dad but it's a hard thing to describe. I am prob up for new shoes soon. I can't remember how long I have had these for.

After all that I went to Crissy's. She'd had one of those bad runs and was looking to get tanked I think. Crissy, we all have them. It has surprised me how much our heads have to do with our running. Once you let to much negative thoughts in your stuffed so brush that run off, don't think about it and use Fridays easy run as something enjoyable that will put a positive spin on running again. Im looking forward to trying to do it a little faster this time. See you then.

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