Saturday, June 17, 2006

Exercise Bike-30mins

First of all I am really peeved cos I had just about finished my post when this damn Puter crashed. AAGGGGHHHHHHH

Anyway now I cannot be bothered going into as much detail, so here are the basics.

For morning tea I had some Choc B'day cake but felt bad about it and after a mini battle in my own head I decided I wanted to spend the "Me time " I had this arvo after putting my daughter down to bed for a mini workout. I did 30mins on my Recumbant exercise bike, I was aiming to be able to do 7km on my old fav setting as I was averaging 7.5km when I was using it several times a week about 2 months ago. Unfortunately I only made it to 6.84km and I was very dissapointed, I hate not reaching goals. I did manage to burn 341cal though not that it really matters cos I would have to peddel on the bastard all day to burn off the amount of cals that are prob in that cake.

I am not doing Baby Boot Camp anymore and I have noticed that my core strength is slipping and I was even wondering if I could manage a full body pushup anymore so today I decided to test the waters.

I started with a "V"sit and managed to do it for a full minute which was not bad but my second attempt was not as good and I piked at 40seconds. Then I decided to do some planks and managed 2x50seconds. Again not as bad as I was expecting but definately not as easy as they used to be and I can't do it for as long or as many as I used to be able to. Now the push-ups. Not that I ever used to be very consistant with them but I was getting better at them before I went all lazy and stopped working out all together, anyway I was not expecting to be able to do any more than two PMSL but I did manage 10 and will do another 10 after I finish this post along with another set of crunches. Now the quality is not as good as it used to be but once I get my core strength & stability back they will improve.

Then there are the crunches. I do my crunches on the fit ball and I used to do 2-3 x60 but along with everything else I not done them in such a long time and I only managed 30in one go but as mentioned just before I will do another set after this post.

I also did some upper body stuff with my resistance tube and again I was not able to do what I used to be able to do. I didn't want to push anything today, I was not aiming to prove anything to myself (except for with the bike), I just wanted to know what damage I have done and give myself a base to start with so I can build back up to what I was doing again.

I am looking forward to being strong again, especially my core strength. I know I am capable of doing this it's just getting off my butt and doing it.

Now my daughter has just come in with a rather smelly bottom so I must go and do my mummy duties and change yet another pooey nappy.

Just had to add this last thought: What is the obsession with post counts on forums? Did I miss something-I just don't get it. It just doesn't excite me, am I the odd one out? Crissy, I know you understand but surely we are not the only ones!


Crissyjt said...

Whoy! Not so much focus on the negative things woman. ok, so you had a little time off. but now you are getting back in to the swing of things. and just think af all the fat bastards that couldn't even do 1/2 of one of your sessions.
Keep up the good work!

Oh, and as for the post count...i wonder if i have reached 200 yet? lmao

Peahen said...
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