Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Socks for me!

WHOO HOO, I got some new socks today from Rebel. Asics ones. They have elastic around the middle and are meant to wick away sweat so hopefully I am onto a winner. There was no way in hell I was gonna ask hubby to buy me Thorlos(s?) I later told him that the good ones are $30 a pair and his eyes bulged.

Anyway, I pulled up really well after yesterday. I only did 30mins on the bike today though. I mixed the tension up between my usual tension & the hardest one. I didn;t time how long I did each for and I didn;t care how many kms I ended up doing. My main aim was just to gets the legs going and warm them up for a big stretch session afterwards. I think I must have stretched for longer than I was actually on the bike for LOL. I will be doing some crunches later, I have been doing two sets of 40.

Oh I also got a cheap $10 stopwatch today so I can time my runs better and add time to my turning around point once a week. Hubby is keen to get me the Timex Speed/Distance watch I am after once he gets his tax check. You gotta be happy with that!

A lovely girl on the forum suggested I take a dip down the beach this morning, Thank god my legs pulled up fine and I got out of that one but it is something I will remember as my runs get longer. Can't wait till summer when I can do some water running/walking on my rest days. Crissy you will have to come along. Easy to do while watching the kids play in the water.

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Crissyjt said...

i'll be up for that.
Although i am ready to scream at them right now. 9.15 and they are still awake!