Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Monday 3rd July - Nuns Walk 5km

I couldn't post yesterday cos Hubby was re-formatting the puter, infact I have to be quick on here now as he wants to get back on.

Anyway I ran at my fav sopt yesterday, my usual 5km withthe goal of beating my last time. Everyone keeps telling me not to worry about time and it will come on it's own but sometimes when I am out running I just really want to beat my last time and have to try. First I wanted to get to the turn around point faster and I did by about 30secs WHOO HOO. I felt like I was running alot haster than usual and my technique felt better, I also seemed to get my Rythm alot quicker. However on the way back I was starting to feel the effects of going a bit faster and was getting a little puffy at times. I did manage to keep my breathing under control though and allowed myself to lean forward slightly in todays run which is why I think I found my rythm quicker, everything just seemed to happen better once I was leanign forward, the arms moved better and I was more relaxed and able to keep my shoulders dropped. AMazing.

Anyway I was close to finishing before I knew it and guessing I only had to run for a further 5-6mins I picked up the pace a little more then launched into my usual semi-sprint at the same spot I always seemt o do so finishing the run at 30:58 mins. thats about 1.5mins faster than my last time YAY YAY YAY. I was wrapped. I am hanging to get it below 30mins and I am on my way.

Any spelling mistakes are due to rushing. I will have to get back on later and post about my appointment with the Sports massage guy today.


Em said...

Well done, you have developed that strange runners obsession, don't sweat it.

My first running goal was to finish 5Kms under 30 minutes, that was when I was still running on the tready. I was so pleased with myself when I made it I told everyone who would listen!

Keep at it, you seem to be rolling alond nicely at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Things like that should be celebrated with a lexicon or two ;)

Stu said...

Great stuff Karina, I would be interested to hear how you would go if you slowed the first half by 10-15 sec from today and then start to work it with approx 8 minutes to go.

When you are starting to tire, think from the top, head - steady, shoulders - relaxed, arms - striving forward, hips - high, knees & legs - pumping strong.

Sub 30 minutes is only 5 runs away!!!