Thursday, June 22, 2006

Exercise Bike - 50mins

OMG, will this child EVER SLEEP. She had me up a few times last night and once I am awake I find it hard getting back to sleep. This morning when Hubby got home from work I could only grunt to greet him. However knowing full well that I had Mothers Group and I would not be able to resist Kate's home baked tasty treats I knew I had to put in a huge effort this morning.

I jumped on the bike and started peddeling at my usual tension but my legs were really hurting and tired so I knocked it down a notch, no point in making them worse. 30mins of this then I felt like doing more and I wanted to make it really hard as my legs were well & truely warmed up so I cranked the tension as high as it would go, I have never used it on this setting and didn't know what to expect and to be honest was just stuffing around. It was bloody hard but I loved it and stayed with it for 10mins. Definately gotta work that into my bike sessions for now on. Then I did a 10min easy peddle to get the legs loose again and cool down. I made sure I stretched really well after todays session, I have been having many niggles and I wanna take care of my legs. I described the pain up the top of my thigh to a mate of mine who is a very experienced runner and found out the muscle is called Hip Flexor, today I started the appropriate stretches for that muscle. However this arvo I have been feeling a fair bit of pain in the same spot again so maybe the hard peddle was not the best idea OOPS PMSL.

After the bike and stretch I did my Ab, core & pushups. Then a quick shower while my daughter chatted to herself in her cot after only having a short morning nap, then we were off to Mothers group. I went looking for some new socks after Mums group in Sports-co, the guy in there was CLUELESS and their sock selection was CRAP. Hubby has aggreed to take me shopping on the weekend as I have been told that 90% of blisters are caused by socks.

I finally have a plan of attack for this 8km Fun Run. I am to increase one run a week by time. So next week I am to run a further 5mins past the half way mark increasing my run by 10mins, the next week 6mins, the next 6 again then the next 7mins. Tomorrow I am aiming for 6km with Crissy. I hope that the blisters and leg niggles hold off for that run.

The spellchecker on here doesn't work cos it's a pop-up and we have pop-up killer so those of you who are "spelling police" will just have to build a bridge.

Oooh Oooh, we are getting a skylight put in our Kitchen & Dunny tomorrow. Just had to add that cos I am very excited.

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Crissyjt said...

love ur comment re spell police. pmsl
Hurry up and post todays run!!!
Come on woman!