Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday, 29th June - Bike

You gotta love those "at home" workouts. Today's workout was my usual tension on the bike for 30mins then 5mins on the hardest tension followed by 5mins of easy peddle cool down. I had to get the baby up halfway through the workout, once she was up though I was able to crank the stereo. I love being able to exercise while watching her dance. Very entertaining. After the bike I did 2 sets of 35 crunches, 2 sets of 15 full body push-ups then some core work. I have been hating the core work lately so today I didn't do any "V" sits or planks, instead I did more gentle core exercises I learned in Boot Camp.

I did lots of leg stretching today, my right knee was a little sore on the bike so I didn't push it, I am so looking forward to tomorrows run and would be spewing if I couldn't give it my all cos of a sore knee.

Well my little girl and I are off the the supermarket now. Just as soon as I rug her up, it's bloody freezing out there.

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