Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nuns Walk-5km **Best run in AGES**

I really couldn't be bothered running today. This morning I felt cold & tired and just wanted to go back to bed but somehow I managed to get my gear on and once in those Adidas stripes I can't help but feel motivated. Mind you I had to sit about for a while waiting for hubby to get home from his meeting but once he got home I was out of that door. Actually I was really looking for my "me time" by this stage as little "A" was refusing her morning nap again.

I decided to use the stopwatch on my phone today, I set it up....hit start, then threw it back into the car and shut & locked my door as quickly as I could all the while counting seconds it actually took me to get jogging so I knew how many to deduct off my finishing time (11 secs). I had the ipod with me but didn't have it on to start with; I just wanted to wait till I had my rhythm before I turned it on. I really wanted to concentrate on keeping a steady pace today and keep my breathing under control, this meant I had to slow myself right down and I find that really really hard. At the start I kept taking off but kept pulling myself back and tried to pretend I was running with Crissy and I had to stay at chatting pace. This seemed to work a treat and I managed to find my rhythm quite quickly today. Each time I felt I was going faster I pulled myself back and reminded myself how much more comfortable the run will be if I manage to hold a steady pace, I turned my Ipod on once I felt comfortable but had it down low so I could still hear my breathing and foot strike.

I couldn't believe how great I felt when I turned around at the 2.5km mark and even jumped to hit a branch of a tree I ran under while doing a little "Whoo Hoo" At this point I knew that if I could keep the pace the same and keep low breathing I would breeze this run without struggling at all. I didn't care how long it would take, I just wanted to enjoy it and not feel the urge to give up at all.The only time I faulted was when I was approaching a young guy walking in front of me, he was wearing a hoodie and had one hand in his pocket. I suppose we are all paranoid these days and I just wanted to get past him as fast as I could so I found myself bolting past him and I kept bolting till I felt I was far enough ahead of him to relax. Once I felt I was on my own again I made myself slow right down and gain control of my breathing again. I managed to find that rhythm really quickly again which surprised me. I was approaching the same spot I always seem to struggle at and want to quit. It is a steep incline and gets me every time but today I breezed it by slowing down and concentrating on the breathing. Once I got past there I knew I was gonna ace the rest of the run and even allowed myself to pick up the pace a little. I finished with my usual horse like "bolt" to the car and again fumbled with my keys to get to my phone. 32.36 was my finishing time. I was guessing it would be more like 35-36mins as I went so much slower but it goes to show how much faster your overall time will be if you actually manage to keep a steady pace. That would make my run at least 30secs faster than usual, maybe more as I haven't used the stopwatch before. My runs always seem to take 33mins but who knows how far past the 33mins I finish at. It could be 33.02 or 33.59 for all I know. Today’s run was the first one in ages that felt great. I ran like I used to. I can't wait till Fridays attempt at 6km with Crissy.

BLISTERS: I got some new blister bandaid thingies, they are the Elastoplast brand and they are CRAP. They move with the heat of your foot and for the last half of the run I could feel the one on my left foot getting worse. Dunno what I am gonna do about these bloody things.

NIGGLES: Even though this was my fav run in ages I have to say there were plenty of niggles. I had one down near my ankle in my right leg, one in that same spot under my hip (upper thigh) in my right leg and a shin niggle in my left leg. Oh and a pain in my right knee on the outside. Hopefully they are all due to getting used to running again.

Now I am going to do my crunches, core work & push-ups. That is if the little darling has finally gone to sleep. I have been having trouble with her day naps and it's is driving me a little bonkers. Plus after finally giving us about 6 nights of sleeping though (she has been getting us up a few times a night since birth pretty much) she decides to get me up at 11pm last night and 1am the night before. Just when I got used to sleeping properly.

Have been busy printing out some pics of her today, I am going to do a scrapbooking page dedicated to her "Worthog Face". Most of you reading have seen this but those of you who are thinking "What The?" My daughter is a classic at pulling this face, she scrunches her whole face up and bears her gums. Not the most attractive look but very entertaining. If I can figure out posting pics Ill post one.


Crissyjt said...

Gotta love the warthog!
Apears u had another great run. I agree with the steady pace approach too. You will prob always get better times doing that. Someone actually said in Forum, a min gained at the start is 10 lost at the end. Something like that, but was to do with marathons. but same logic.
Can't wait for Fri too.
PMSL when i read u pretended u were running with me. Yes dear... i am a plodder. ;-)

Em said...

Well done, good to see you feeling positive, especially when you didn't feel like it at first.