Monday, June 19, 2006

Pelican Park - 6km **OUCH**

Yep, that's right......I did the 6km. But it certainly wasn't a great 6km. I took off from my car and was really trying my hardest to go as slow as I could. As I went around the first bend I headed into the sun, it was low and in my eyes and I realised I had forgotten to put my visor on. It was also this point I realised I forgot to grab my Ipod. The first lap (2km) was pleasant and I managed to get my rythym before the end of the lap but I do have a problem slowing myself down. The second lap I started to get hot so I took my long sleeve top on and tied it around my waist but cos of the material it's made from it wouldn't stay tied up so I had to carry it. It was really annoying. About half way though the lap I really started struggeling with my breathing and my legs felt like led for some reason. I was experiencing pain just below my right hip at the fromt of my leg and I suppose I was kinda limping. I was also starting to feel blisters re-forming on the bottom of my feet even though I had put plasters on. It was pretty obvious nearing the end of this lap it would be my last and I was really agro that I would have to come in here and say that I only managed 4km. Anyway I thought I should at least finish strong so I put in the extra effort and kinda sprinted to the car. Once at the car I threw my top in, grabbed my water and had a little walk around. My legs were sore right up the top.

I was really really peeved that I didn't make it and decided it wasn't good enough so I put my water away and headed off for the last lap. I just figured that I would take it really really slow just so I could come in here and say I completed 6km but I found myself running faster than the first two laps and by about 1/4 into it my legs were pain free. However the bottoms of my feet were burning where I was blistering and I was picturing them bleeding. I really picked up speed and for some bizarre reason actually found it easier to breath the faster I went. I knew this was my last lap and gave it pretty much everything I had. I was really puffing by the time I was approaching the car and was concentrating so hard on not dying (lol) that I ran straight past it. PMSL.

The whole 6km took about 38mins and I am certain the last lap took no longer than 10mins (I actually thought it was less but I must be wrong) which is really really freaky. The 38mins is including the little break I had before deciding to start running again.

I think I will only try 6km again on Friday. Today was a real struggle and I have some pain in my shins. If I can manage to increase my runs by 10% each week then I should be able to do over 9km by the time of the Fun Run (in theory sounds good huh!)

CHILLS: Omg, everytime I run I suffer chills for the rest of the day. I will jump in the hot shower and slowely turn the cold water off till it's just hot water and I still wont warm up. When at home I rug up in super warm clothes, ugg boots and my fleece dressing gown and will still shiver for ages. This can't be normal. I went to Mum & Dad's after my run today as they were looking after litte "A" and even with a full change of dry clothes I could not warm up. Dad recons I should mention this to the doc next time I am there, it could be a blood pressure thing.

Must also mention that I did manage to do the ab work, core work & push-ups I said I was going to do last night. I should do some tonight once little "A" is in bed if I remember.

Oh I almost forgot, once I stopped running I could really feel the nastyness in the bottom of me feet. I went to the bakery Crissy works in but was having trouble walking. Once I got mack to my parents I was dredding looking at them. I was expecting the plasters had moved and bunched up but they were still in perfect tact in the exact spot I put them in. Damned if I know what is causing these bloody blisters.

Oh and Thanks Em for your kind comment. Your a sneaky one arn't you? But that's O.K. as I said i was gonna tell you about my blog in a few weeks anyway.


Em said...

Well done, you did it :-)

I have the same cold problem, I also keep turning the cold off until the shower is totally hot. After my shower yesterday I still had blue lips, very weird.

Crissyjt said...

Congrats K! You walked alittle, but you completed 6km's. I sometimes walk too. Such as yesterday.
Good to hear ur still gunna run with me on Fri. 6km's is still fine but see how u feel on the day. I hope you don't have too much planned for Wed's run. Need to keep you fresh for Friday! lol