Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The time has come.

As the title states the time has come for me to finally get a blog going. Cafe PeaHen will be my little place that I can record my progress with running, family stuff and even personal thoughts that I need to get off my chest. I don't know when I will actually tell anyone about this joint. For now it's just for my own benefit and I feel a little vunerable having my crappy running progress "out there" for anyone to read but never mind Im gonna give this a go.

After just finding my "Lost Motivation" I am finally back to running. I was managing 5km easily before I lost the plot and am now finding that 5km a struggle. Infact my first run after having my "break" I didn't even make it and had to walk some of the way, but every run is "a tick in the box" and one step closer to getting back to where I was and even if that run is crap it has to be better than sitting on my bum watching Kerry Ann. There we go, thought for the day "a crap run is much better than no run at all" having said that, today's run was actaully the best I have had since taking time off. My Ipod was flat so I didn't have it with me but enjoyed the quite and used the opportunity to listen to my breathing and try to correct some of the bad habbits I have let myself get into, like shallow breathing through my mouth instead of low breathing through my nose. Anyway my breathing was much better today but I really need to get back into the low breathing exercises I was doing before. I still seemed to struggle and get stitches at the same point I have the last 3 runs but I managed to breath though it and didn't give up. There seems to be a point in the track, near the finish, that my stitches seem to dissapear and my breathing gets easy. Just goes to show how much of this running caper is a mind thing. I seem to go from struggeling and wanting to give up to sprinting and breathing easily and feeling like I am flying all the way to the car. Anyway the 5km took me 33mins (approx). It used to take me 30mins so I have alot of work to do.

I am getting muscular pain in a very strange place and again I have it today after my run. IThe best way to descripe it would be for me to put my hands on my hip bones then move my hand in towards each other slightly and bingo, that is where the pain is. It hurts to touch and after Mondays run it was hurting to sit back in the "V" sit position. I have never had this before and am hoping it is just due to me tencing up while I am getting back into running.

A few niggles in my left leg, sort down my calf and down to my foot. Nothing serious.

Well my first post seems to be a novel. I will leave it at that for today. Im off to do some crunches, hubby just got out of bed so time for a cuppa and a cuddle aswell.

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Crissyjt said...

OMG! You've got one! Hooray for the little peahen!!
Can't wait to read ur next and perhaps be in an edition or two when we run together.
Good to hear ur finding ur mojo again too.