Friday, June 16, 2006

Nuns Walk-5km

Wow, & I thought that running required alot of's this blogging caper. I am so up for a veg out on the couch but thought I had better post in here instead before I forget how I went today LOL.

Anyway I ran at my usual spot this morning, I had to wait till Hubby got back from walking the dog then he opened his B'day presents then I left the baby with him while I headed out for my run. There seemed to be alot of people at the track today and it sort of threw me, I have a nasty habit of getting nervous running infront of people and as a result I go alot faster than I should. Today was no acception and as there were so many people about at the start of my run I just knew I was heading out too fast and I was gonna rue it. I kept telling myself to slow down and breath through my nose deep into my belly but it just wasn't happening for me. Eventually I was alone and was able to slow down and almost gain control over my breathing but was still feeling very unco-ordinated. I decided to turn off the Ipod and concentrate on controlling my breathing and have to admitt I improved once I turned it off.

Anyway I didn't actually find my rhythm till I turned around after the 2.5km mark but it didn't last long and I was struggeling at the slight incline part which didn't feel so slight today. I was starting to feel tighness in my left shin and my legs were generally really tired. My legs have never felt this tired before and I was cursing not using my bike in my training lately at this stage in the run. I really wanted to give up while getting up the hill but kept telling myself how pissed I would be with myself if I did so I kept pushing myself and telling myself to slow down my breathing. It was quite cold and the cold air was hurting my nose so I would alternate between breathing through my nose & mouth.

Finally the path flattened out and I knew I was not too far from the finishing point. I knew I would make it and found a rhythm again, then I approached the magic spot in the path that all pain seems to dissapear, breathing comes easily and I am flying weightlessly. I felt like I flew to the car, my fav part of my runs. I got to my car and fumbled to un-pin my car key from my pants while jogging on the spot. I got into my car and dived for my phone to check the time. 9:56.......It took me 33mins again. I know this is not the most conventional way to time runs but it is all I have for now. I threw my phone and may have said a swear word or two, slammed my car door then had a little cool down walk before doing my calf, hamstring & quad stretches on the lookout that overlooks the bay.

Not a great run but a tick in the box lol. I was thinking of running a 4th run this week on Sunday but I have decided against it, my shins are tender and I have blisters on the bottoms of my feet. I really have to get back on my bike as I think it is the key to my leg strength. It has been a while since I used it and my legs are feeling very weak. So maybe tomorrow will be my bike day and I will rest Sunday, or maybe the other way around.

As for the rest of the day I had mothers group and ate naughty food then we had our Niece over and we sang happy B'day to hubby followed by some naughty choc B'day cake, then we opened the 9th Island bottle of Pinot Noir that hubby got for his B'day and ordered Thai Takeaway (from fav Thai restaurant Thai Makong in Mornington). I think the only thing I feel good about eating today is my bowl of Just Right for Breaky and my two cups of Green Tea and water I drank.

Now we are either gonna play cards (and use the automatic card shuffler I got hubby for his B'day) or watch "Walk The Line". Either way I am having a wonderful night and it's not over yet hehe.

Last thing I wanna put in here is that there is a Fun Run coming up in Mornington on the 30th July, it's an 8km one but I would love to be able to do it. I really wanna say "Im gonna make this my goal" but setting goals freaks me out cos I am so scared of failing.


Crissyjt said...

Glad to hear i'm not the only naughty runner. ie all that fantastic b'day cake etc.
As for the fun run, we can just run until we can't run anymore, then walk for a bit. If we have to. But remember we will be running at a slower pace than normal. We should have a practice one Friday.

Peahen said...

I am certainly up for a practice run, actually I was thinking of running in Hastings tomorrow and trying for 6km again. Of course I will be going snail pace though. lol.