Monday, June 26, 2006

Nun's Walk - 5km

Hubby & I are at our wits end with a teething baby. She has a runny nose & a rattly chest and is extremly sooky and not up for sleeping. So even though this morning I woke up feeling extremly un-rested I still couldn't wait to get out for a run, infact I was hanging to get away from it all.

I could not decide what I wanted to do today, did I want to run 4mins past my turning around point or did I want to try to beat my last 5km time. I decided to make my mind up while I was out. I felt like I was going a pretty decent pace today while remaining comfortable so I decided to try to beat my last 5km time and if I still had it in me I would continue past the car afterwards to make my run a little longer.

I have never had a stopwatch to be able to see how long it takes me to get to the 2.5km mark, I think it was this point I knew I was gonna have to keep a good pace to get back faster than I got out and beat my last time. I thought I was going alot faster than I usually do and I felt comfortable doing so. I didn't feel like giving up at any point and even powered up the hill that I usually struggle with at a good pace, I even managed my usual bolt to the car time was still 32.22 whick is only a few seconds faster than my last time. SPEWING. I couldn't believe it. Very dissapointing. I kept jogging a little further to cool down the legs and get my breath back then jogged back to the car again and stretched on my fav little lookout. I took photos of the view and will post one when I figure out how to post photos.

It was great having a watch, felt good to push myself (even if it was for nothing) The new socks worked out well too.

Just have to add: Cam, you got up to our daughter last night and stayed up with her for a while. I do appreciate it, it was a huge help. Today you asked me to say something nice, well I couldn't imagine a better dad for our princess, you also have a beautiful shaped head. Now when you read this I will have a nice hot drink, hot chocolate with marshmellow hehe. XXX

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Crissyjt said...

LMAO re cams head! It also seems to smell great too!!

Tmw just run for you. Not ur watch. Your speed increase will come. Prob when ur least expecting it.
But it's really good to see you're managing to get all your runs in.