Saturday, January 17, 2009

Walking on the spot.

I woke up feeling flat this morning, though I was in bed by 8pm last night I did not go to sleep till about 11pm as i was watching episode after episode of Americas Next Top Model. Most women probably watch that show dreaming of having the looks, bodies and personality to become a model.......I watch it and dream of being the one taking photos of these women LOL. Anyway, I decided to take it a bit easier today and just walk to the shops and that's it. But it really was a nice day out and it felt so good to be out walking and the kids were so happy in the pram, a 30min walk was easily doubled and we ended up at the bottom of the steepest hill I have ever tackled with these two in the pram. I swear it was like climbing a mountain. At one point, I honestly felt like I was walking on the spot and at any moment the pram would actually push me back and we would all roll all the way back to the bottom PMSL. 

I am seriously loving getting out with the pram again. It certainly adds resistance to a basic walk LOL and gets us all out of our messy house.

Now we are all tackeling a massive pile of fruit, watermelon, blackberries, strawberries and apple, oh and some almonds. 

*Note: My fav black cargo style pants are getting way too big. WHOOT. Can't wait till I fit into my old fav pants, I have them all out of thier boxes hanging in full view for inspiration. Tried on a pair yesterday.....have a fair way to go. 

* Come back to add in tonights walk, after dinner Poppy asked to go for another walk, I wasn't going to do an after dinner walk cos of this mornings efforts but the sun was out and it looked too good outside to say "no" so off we went. Again what was meant to be a small walk was doubled LOL. 40mins but flat compared to this morning, any hill well appear flat after this morning LOL. I am absolutely LOVING being on the move again. I am hoping all this walking is a good work up to when I start the Run/walk. I can't wait. I need new shoes though, mine have gaping holes in the inside at the heal exposing the plastic inside and that is causing rubbing that HURTS. 

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Stu said...

It all looks like the training regime is starting well! Well done...

AFD = alcohol free day...