Saturday, January 31, 2009

Taking health for Granted.

I used to take my health for granted. It was something that was just always there, sure I would get the odd cold but generally I was always healthy and my health was just there. After having Anna I got into shape, I started running and lost all my preggy weight and was in the best shape of my life. I felt fantastic.......but I was also drinking a fair bit and having late nights and after the initial health kick wore off I was eating some nasty sugary foods quite regulary.......chocolate bullets being my main weakness. But I still felt awesome most of the time. 

Now I have to work hard to feel healthy. If I drink that little too much I crash, if I eat too much sugar I crash, if i don't get enough sleep I crash. I am obviously still in a semi fragile state but when I do everything right I really feel AWESOME. Like right now. This week I have stayed alcohol free (last Say was my last drink) and besides two bowls of ice-cream (not like me I know but it's been hot) I have been excellent with my sugar intake. The week before however I drank too much alcohol, I was eating and sleeping well but my alcohol intake was pretty bloody bad and I payed for it. I felt low again, and I put on 500gm despite all the exercise and how controlled I was with food.

I wasn't going to weight myself this week, I think I might go to monthly weigh ins but something made me get on that scale yesterday and was shocked when I had lost that evil 500gm because although I have not touched a drop of alcohol for 7 days I have not been walking (WAY too hot) and only made it to the gym twice. Oh and I have been eating up a storm, not bad food, just alot more of what I have been eating. I seemed to be so much more hungry this week and figured "whats the point" after last week so just gave into the hunger. I can't help but wonder if last week I wasn't eating enough. I dunno. Anyway, whatever. All I can do is keep trying and keep taking it slow so I don't burn out. I am putting off the walk/run regime for a bit longer. I feel ready to start it but with the heat the way it is I would rather just put it off and put in the hard yards at the gym and build my strength up even more. Speaking of the Gym, wow.....I really feel my strength improving now. I am LOVING it. When I first started back I felt weak and heavy and kind of blobbed my way around the circuit. The standard practice at COntours is to do two circuits, I used to always do three because I enjoy it and it is my only "me time" so I made the most of it......however when I first started back I would be looking forward to the end just after completeing the first circuit. My muscles were tired and I just wanted to stop, and this is after dropping all my weights down to below what they were when I first started there. Anyway, I don't know exactly how many visits I have had there since starting back.......six perhaps, lets say six, so after six visits I am bouncing around the circuit THREE times and I have upped most of my weights, I have actually upped my weights on four of the machines to more than what I had them at before I took my "break". It's awesome. Today I have some achies but they are good achies. I feel I am supporting myself better at the machines, rather than struggeling to stand or sit up straight at them and one of the instructors has been helping me get more out of the cardio boards. My only sook is that I can;t get there enough. If only they had child minding facilities LOL. 

Oh and the other night when I blogged I did eventually pick out some photos to get printed for next months Camera Club Comp. Well I could not fully decide so I just uploaded a small selection to get printed and figured I could make up my mind once I see the prints, I got the prints back yesterday and think I have made my selection. Can't wait. The theme is "Up Close & Personal". We can submitt two small and two large colour prints and one Monochrome but the monochrome doesn't have to be in the set theme, its "open" so I am submitting what I think is my all time fav monochrome of Anna as a 8x12 print. Wish me luck LOL.

One more thing I want to blog about, because it was a milestone to our family, is Ryan's first swim at the beach. He has been to the beach (not often) but never for a swim. We all went a family.....all four of us. Things like this don't happen often enough. Anyway it was awesome. Anna is obviously over her fear of the beach, which is why we stopped going because she was just miserable everytime we went and Ryan headed straight for the water..........but didn;t like going in to far with us, he was just happy to stand at the shoreline and throw things into the water. Eventually he was happy to go knee deep and sit in there as the little waves came in. He was so cute. All giggles and smiles. They each only nearly drowned once. We were there for 3 hours and by the time we left we all had stingy red beach eyes. I am happy to report absolutely NO sunburn. No photos because there was no way I was taking my camera. Cam got some on his phone but I am sure that is where they will stay. If I ever get him to get them off I will have to add some here. I topped the day off with a mega workout at the gym, I was the only one there which was awesome, it was air conned which was double awesome, by the time I got home the power had gone off here and the house was not a nice place to be......lucky for us it was only out for a few hours. It went out again during the night, I bloody hope it doesn't happen today.

Anyway, I need to get a silverside on so we can have cold meat and salad for dinner. Toodles. XX

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