Friday, January 16, 2009

Sucking it up or taking the easy way out?

Would it have been easier to take the car to the shops this morning to get our bread and milk? Bloody's blowing a gale outside which if your walking on your own is fine but with a double pram with two heavy kids in it going up a rather steep incline (well even the smallest inclines feel steep when your pushing two kids in a pram)it can feel like your making a huge mistake LOL. Still, I love to walk to the shops because I HATE HATE HATE getting both kids in and out of the car and walking them through that dredful car park at Bentons square so it's all good. 

So. Yay to me, for not taking the easy way out. There was a time late last year when it was a struggle to get off the couch and have a pee, I am loving my new energy and getting my motivation back. This is the Karina I used to know LOL. 

Oh, have some photos to post later. 

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