Monday, January 19, 2009

Back from the natropath. 

WHOO HOO. I feel like I have passed some kind of exam in highschool. As soon as I saw my blood scan on the screen even I could see the improvement LOL. I have good looking while blood cells and apparently a high count now. Inflamation gone and my red blood cells are separated (still room for improvement) and I think they stayed plump, he didn't mention them collapsing like they usually do LOL. 

The only thing on my list of symptems that has not improved is my skin, I told him if anything it is worse. My hands are so dry it's uncomfortable. He had a look with with his microscope and as he grabbed my hand straight away he commented on how cold they were. He had me on Iodine for my thyroid but it hasn't helped at all. My BBT is still low and even dropped a little. He is convinced I have a thyroid problem and has now put me on a new treatement. Homopathic Thyroid Oxine. Fingers crossed this one works. The money I spent today could have gone well towards a new pair of bloody runners.

Next I mentioned my suspected hormone imbalance, the pigmentation on my face has got worse. He said it could all be thyroid related but also the Mirena has thrown my balance out and he has given me some red Clover to help balance my hormones. If not I will take a test and it will be sent off to see where I am at. 

The extrememe thirst, well, fingers crossed it's all related to the thyroid. If it persists we have to look at doing a glucose test to see if I am pre-diabetic. He suggested I make sure I am having enough salt, especially if I am exercising and sweating my salts out then not replacing them. He suggested soda water (Ewwwwww) then  even salt in my water (Ewwwwwwww even more). 

Best news, Infection is under control finally and I am kicking arse. 


Stu said...

Lots of positives!!! Excellent!

Soda with lots of lime and some vodka is BEAUTIFUL!

Keep up the solid work and great to hear you caught up with Crissy too...

Chelle's Cherubs said...

WOOHOO, that's fanbloodytastic!! :)