Monday, January 12, 2009

A goal for 09

I never make resolutions. EVER. but this year I made ONE general resolution and that was to set goals to achieve one get back to my old happy self. With last years, what I refer to as my "Crash", I really became very unhappy. I am frustrated at my level of fitness and motivation and my weight but at the same time I was too tired and sick to do anything about it. It was a very very VERY frustrating and upsetting time for me and I am sure Cam and the kids. Anyway. I feel I am in a better place now to start getting my life back on track and gaining some much needed control. Time to set some of these much needed goals. Not all my goals will be blogged and the ones that will be blogged will not all be blogged at once. While I have always found my blog a great motivational tool I also hated putting myself "out there" only to crash and burn and be embarrased. So one thing at a time here.

Goal #1 - Lose 5kg.

I have not decided yet if I will add my weekly weights, though I will be a good sport and add my starting weight, as of last Friday so the 9th Jan.......65kg. Why Fridays, cos that is how I work, I have always weighed in on a thurs or friday. Cop it. 

I am in a great position to do this. My food cravings are well under control, since seeing that natropath my sugar cravings are killed and I really no longer feel a slave to sugar. Theory is the reason I was loading up so much on it was cos of the bacteria infection I had, bacteria feeds on sugar so it tricks your body into thinking it needs sugar so you get cravings. Seriosuly since getting that bacteria infection under some control I have noticed a MASSIVE difference in my sugar intake. Anyway, I am drinking loads of water and green tea, I am limiting alcohol by setting myself a certain amount of alcohol free days a week (I have to have at least that many but of course having whole alcohol free weeks would be better). I am eating more protein and fresh food while following the zone diet as well as I can. I have started walking and using my bike ove rthe last few weeks and have not fallen sick so am upping the anti LOL. So yes this is it, it's now or never, it's time to shed that weight. 

My natropath says I may have a little trouble shedding the weight due to my sluggish thyroid, and TBH I have been very surprised that I have not been losing much weight with the way I have been eating (I really have made HUGE changes in the last 2 months)but I will try not to worry too much untill I have been exercising consistantly. I am hoping that getting back to regular exercise will help my thyroid naturally, and when (if) my body ever starts working properly after the iud removal and my hormones come back to normal that will also help. 

I would love to start the walk/run regime. I just don't know if I can dedicate 3 days a week to it.......It's not like I want to wish the years away with the kids but this is one thing I am going to love about the kids being in school. Just to be able to take 30-60mins out of the day for ME consistantly....sweet. Anyway, I will have to do it on Gym days, I am hoping to go back to the gym tomorrow......the decision is pending but looking very very hopeful. If I can I will perhaps go for my first walk/run. I am really looking forward to the walk/run regime.....esp the first week so I know I can do it easily.....not like the first time I did it LOL. I have the tools I need to do it right this time, I know how to take it slow, the first time I did this it was more like a walk/sprint and I wondered why it was so damn hard. 

Anyway. So there, it's out there. Yes I NEED to lose this weight but I also really WANT to. I can only count on myself for motivation so I need to be focused and strong. Today, I just want to take the kids to the park. It's a decent walk with two large kids in the pram so I am happy with that for exercise. Just checked the radar and though it looks gloomy we will not be rained on. So off to get Ryan his milk then off we go. 


Mel Nunn said...

Good luck with your "resolution" I too need to get this ass into gear and lose some of it. Except i would perhaps need to triple your goal before I noticed some difference. I think you are very brave posting your before weight... I just couldn't do that!

You have inspired me to go seek out some advice re: my sugar cravings, but I have always been a sweet tooth, not sure why.

Good luck again... Hope to see you real soon :o)

Stu said...

Great stuff K girl! I hope all goes well and if I can pass on one bit of advice, doing the walk/run schedule once a week is better than zero, if you can only get one or two, then so be it!

I too must remember to have an AFD... god that will be hard!

Keep in touch

Frenchy said...

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