Monday, January 19, 2009

So motivated.

I am just so so soooooo happy when I am motivated. I have so much more energy these days and find myself unable to sit still.

Yesterday I was going to have a "free day" which to me doesn't mean sugary or fatty binges, it just means that I can relax a little on the bood v's bad carbs and have a home made wheat free pizza without beating myself up over it LOL. Speaking of the "risk promoting carbs" I have been eating corn on the cob this week and I had raw carrots twice. UmmmmmmMah. I know. I just can't follow this zone thing strictly, though I am still useing it strongly as a base to my diet. 

So, yesterday, I thought I might give my legs a rest, being walking alot of hills but this glorious weather sucks me in everytime and we ended up out after dinner again. Same route as the night before, about 40mins and yes there were hills but they are tollerable. However, my shins started to hurt as soon as we set off so I am thinking these hills are getting the last bloody word in. Am I going to have a break from them.......well anyone who knows me well knows that I am most certainly going to keep giving it hell untill I am crippled with shin pain PMSL. Goes to show how much of a beating my body has copped in the last 2-3 years, shin pain just from walking.....god help me when I actually start running.

Anyway. I have my natropath appointment today, I have alot to talk with him about. I am definately going to mention my recent increase in thirst. Yes I understand I am exercising usually twice a day but seriously......3-4lt and still thirsty and my skin is so dry it is cracking. Something seriously not right there. I had two small glasses of wine last night and drank TWO litres afterwards I was so thirsty, that wine dried me out so much.....that made my water tally almost 5lt yesterday, and I know what your thinking.....No I wasn't up all night peeing. 

Oooh, an old friend popped over yesterday morning. Crissy, my old running partner in crime LOL. Fingers crossed she is about to have some changes in her working hours and we will be able to start seeing each other more again. Having her over yesterday really confirmed how much I miss her friendship and now I am feeling so much more switched on and social I really want to get it back. She is a friend who shares my passion for exercise but at the same time shares the lazy moments and while on a run would think nothing of it if I needed to pull back or stop for a stretch. Hopefully it's not too long before we are both on that glorious Nunns walk track again, plodding along while having a nice little chat. 

P.S. This will NOT be a AFD, I WILL be finishing that bottle of white tonight, probably while watching an embarrasing amount of Greys Anatomy episodes in bed LOL. Ah Bliss. 

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