Thursday, January 15, 2009

I wanna chicken out......

............from tomorrows weigh in.

I have eaten really well this week, I have exercised most days if not all of them but still I do not feel I have lost weight, I don't feel lighter and if anything I feel like I have put on. I have done everything right, I know I have, I have done the best I can in the condition I am in.

Had my first day back at the gym today. Went well, dropped my weights and took it easy. My legs feel tired and heavy now the muscles in my upper back, are they lats? Anyway they are also feeling heavy and tired. 

I have decided to hold off the walk/run for a week or two, I really want to do this right and planned to ease pack into it all so started the gym and the walk/run at the same time seemed silly. So I will give the gym a week or so then start it, I have to do the walk/run straight after the gym so I don't recon I would go too well ATM anyway LOL. 

Have been walking more with the kids the last few weeks. We order our bread from bakers delight, they only bake wheat free on a friday so every friday we walk to get it, plus the odd walk during the week and now a few after dinner. I love the after dinner walk. I want to make the most of that before daylight savings ends. The kids love it. 

Tonight the kids and Cam had fish & chips. Cam loves his fish & chips. I hate it. I hate fish and since going off most nasty carbs I don;t miss potato so you can shove the chips. Have never liked battered stuff (except those franks in batter when i was a kid) which is good cos due to the wheat they are right off the menu. So I made myself grilled chicken and a really simple salad. I was going to have a few chips but they were rank so I had two and left it at that. 

If there is anything I want to do differently next week it will be my alcohol intake. Though I have been drinking in moderation I have been drinking the last 4 nights. The hot weather a few days ago had me fanging for a beer (or two) and tonight I am finishing last nights bottle of Merlot. Everything else I have been happy with. I feel GREAT, motivated and on my way. Of course I am hoping for a weight loss tomorrow but I don't think I am going to get it. I remember after having Anna I was going boot camp for months and never really lost much, then I started running, and still didn't lose much untill all the sudden it all just fell off. It was frustrating when I wasn't losing but it payed off in the end. So if the loss is slow to start with I will just keep going in hope it happens like that again. 

Anyway, wasn't gonna blog tonight but I am waiting for Crissy to come online for a chat so I had some time on my hands. Now I wont have to say much tomorrow cos I have already blogged LOL.

If I don't blog tomorrow you know it was bad news on the scales and I am off scoffing a batch of nachos with loads of avacado LOL. 

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