Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I missed my first training run for a while yesterday. I Lost my voise Saturday arvo and everything has just gone downhill from there. I now have a sore throat and some sort of respitory infection. IT'S GROSS.

My little baby girl is also sick and it breaks my heart, we are both going to the doctors today and will hopefully be given anti-biotics or something to clear this up fast. There is no way I will be runnign tomorrow either and Friday is looking doubtful and if I do I don't know if it would be wise to make it an 8-10km run.

I have been training so well and feeling so good then this happens. I am so dissapointed, and let me tell you how frustraiting it is for someone like me to not be able to talk. I can't even answer my phone. I even had to drive to the docs to make the appointment cos I can't use the phone. Little "A" keeps handing me books to read (three little pigs is her fav) and I can't read it to her. We had to download "Old Macdonald had a farm" cos I can't sing it to her at the moment, I actually thought that was what stuffed my voice in the first place.

Once positive however is that with no run yesterday I had to put my mind into something else and finally to do a scrapbooking page for the Mothers Day Classic, along with 3 pages of beautiful baby pics.

Well that is my whinge, I hope everyone else is enjoying thier running. *sob sob*


Crissyjt said...

if it's any consolation.... it's freezing and blustery outside.
Hope ur feelin better soon.

paul said...

You poor thing - fancy not being able
to talk! You rest up now (it won't do
you any harm)and get well so you can
hit the trails again very soon.
Chin up!!


Em said...

Yeah, like Crissy said - if you have to take a few days off now is not such a bad time.

Stu said...

Increase the water, increase the vitamin C and what ever the Doc lets you have, stay warm and get well.

And when you do start back, make sure you don't try to run 10k first up...or I will roll my eyes!