Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday 7th July - Pelican Park 10km

Yep that's right 10km WHOO HOOOOOOOOO. The plan for todays run was to try to beat last weeks time by at least one min. Crissy has been having some shin trouble and saw the same massage/sports Guru I see yesterday and he said NOT to run today and gave her instructions to walk 5km then slow jog 1km. We still decided to meet up and each do our separate thing at the same time & place. I was really nervous about trying the 8km on my own, I really enjoy the company and Crissy seems to pace me well. Plus I secretly wanted to try for a 5th lap today bringing the run to 10km, mind you I have not been feeling 100% this week and I have been having leg problems and with Crissy not running today you would put off trying for 10km till next week but I decided to see how I felt while running and decide then.

Anyway while waiting for Crissy to turn up I had a little warm-up walk and got my Ipod in position. Once she turned up it was all go. Felt funny me jogging off and leaving her to walk, I can imagine how she was feeling. Anyway the first lap wasn't too bad, legs seemed to not want to warm up. The second lap is always a killer for me, I was beginning to think I wouldn't make the 6km let alone the 8 or 10. My legs were so heavy and tired, they have felt like this since my massage on Tuesday. Anyway I kept going telling myself how great that high will feel if I manage the whole 10k. I kept telling myself "you have been craving this high all week now go and get it woman" I also tried the old "Pain is temporary, glory is forever" quote and it made me chuckle.

Crissy jogged with me for the last bit of the 3rd lap and all of the 4th lap which is more than she was meant to, I felt so much better while she was running with me. I complained to her about the shocking head wind we were copping for half of the course and how there was no way we were gonna break any times today but I really want to do the 5 laps. I think she thought I was a little nutty but understood completely so she told me she would finsih the 4th lap with me then walk while I did the 5th lap.

The 5th lap was my fav of course cos I knew I was going to complete another goal and two milestones and that would make up for the fact that my 8km was slower than last week (not by too much, about 30 seconds I think). The head wind was a killer but this final lap I was able to think to myself "last time I will fight that wind today whoo hoo" and once I got past it my legs eased off a little and I was comfortable again. I managed a little sprint at the end but not as good as I usually do, Crissy was waiting for me and had her camera ready, great a run yourself ugly shot for me. I was so excited about finishing my first 10km that I screamed a little and forgot to hit stop on my watch once I realised I stopped it at 1:07:20.

Today was my first 10km and my first run for over an hour. Now I have something to celebrate tomorrow night. I have almost drank 3litres of water since and am about to stretch again. That right thigh is a little sore, thinking I should get some skins soon to wear after runs like this.

I am looking forward to a beer tomorrow night. This week I ran 20km (one more than the last two weeks). Tonight I will celebrate with some yummy Lamb Stew full of vegies, one of my fav dinners and of course some more water and stretching before bed.


Em said...

You go Girl, well done, you have officially completed your first long run :-)

Bet you sleep well tonight.

Crissyjt said...

Again... great job woman!
Yet another milestone to add the the K chronicles.

Stu said...

Well done on the 10k for the very first time!!