Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday 21st July - Nuns walk 5km

I was really looking forward to todays long run at Nuns Walk but Crissy had to pull out due to her little girl being ill. These things happen and can't be helped so we have re-scheduled our long run for Sunday which works out well cos it means I will get my 3 runs in this week and get another 5km run into my legs before attempting 8km or over.

Being such an awesome day today I couldn't wait to get out there. I decided that I would slow it right down today and just enjoy the weather and the amazing view of the bay I have on the Nuns Walk track and hopefully avoid a run like Wednesdays that I ended up struggeling with and left me feeling very negative. A run is meant to make me happy and relieve me of stress, not make me feel negative and more stressed out. Anyway it worked. I still wore my watch but didn't look at it as much and when I did I didn't care about how I was doing time wise. I felt alot stronger in the run and didn't seem to struggle at all. The incline that I almost gave up on Wednesday was alot easier today and I left like I was going alot faster for the last 6 mins. My finish time was 32:01 so it was a tad slower than Wednesday but I don't care cos it was a very enjoyable run.

I took a little more time stretching today because my calves have been a tad niggly and also cos it was such a beautiful day so why not spend more time at the lookout. Once I had finished stretching I felt like heading out for another 5km. Strange huh. Anyway I had to hurry home to give Poppy her medicine. Tonight I am going out for a girls night with my Mum's group. There are nine of us and this is out first night out together without the babies. Should be a good night. I had a terrible night with Poppy last night, not much sleep at all but my run has made me feel better so I should be right for tonight.

Am now looking forward to Sundays run with Crissy. I love running with her and it will be great to run somewhere different, same track but a different part of it. Shame the weather wont be as nice but as long as it's not windy or raining I don't care. I don't wanna get any sicker. Oh yeah that loogy is really hanging on here. I had a sore throat all night last night. As long as it doesn't get worse before the fun run I suppose I can deal with it.

Thanks for the comments Jaykay & Stu. It is great to see our ittle girl walking, was very exciting on the night and we had the vid camera out to catch most of it. We havn't moved anything yet. She has been able to get to everything for quite sometime now as she has been able to pull herself up and stand for a while now. Of course we don't have anything dangerous in reach and the big TV is bolted to the entertainment center so she can't pull it down. We dont have locks on out cupboards or drawers, we have taught her "No" instead and lucky for us she is a quick learner. I don't clean with chemicals, only Bi-carb & Vinegar so we don't have the problem of poisons in our cupboards. I am sure as she gets older and more stubborn we will start having problems and may have to lock everything up but here is hoping she stays like this.

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Stu said...

Sounds like it was a nice run, a great way to clear the head, we don't need to worry about great times every occassion!

Enjoy the scenery and the fresh air!