Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wed 5th July - Nuns Walk 5km

I wasn't as pumped for todays run as I have been lately. I woke up with a sore throat yesterday morning, it got better through the day but then at 5pm I hit the wall and my head was pounding, my eye sockets were sore, my jaw was sore and it was a huge effort to move my limbs. I kept saying to Cam "I can't be sick, I can't be sick, I need to train" Oh I was so dissapointed. Anyway I took some panadol and drank a shit load of water and wentto bed to watch Rove then had a good nights sleep waking up feeling a little better today. A little lightheaded and felt like I was gonna blackout this morning and my throat was a little sore & daggy but I had my breaky, a berocca, my usual Multi vit tab followed by my magnesium suplment then a nice cupp of green tea, 1.5 hours later I was ready to run WHOO HOO.

I decided to just go for the 5km today as I wasn;t feeling 100%, I wasn't even going to try to beat my last time or anyting BUT I should have left my watch at home cos as long as I am wearing it I can't help but try to beat my time LOL. After yesterdays massage my legs were actually feeling tired, heavy & achey while running today but that may also be the loogy that I seem to have, anyway I managed to get to the half way point a little quicker today but I can't tell you the exact time as I didn't look till a bit after I turned around. I started to struggle on the way back. My legs were really sore & tired. My breathing wasn't too bad though, it was just my legs. Anyway I was starting to think that I would be lucky to finish without walking let alone finish with a decent time, I had another runner behind me and I just wanted her to pass her cos hearing her foot steps was messing with my head. She did pass me, I have never been passed before as I have only ever seen runners going the opposite direction, it didn't feel great but I was glad not to have her behind me anymore. Isn't it bizzar how we let things get to us.

Anyway I didn;t think there was any chance of finishing with a decent time but would have been happy to just finish at this point. I still managed my sprint at the end though but today my legs were like jelly and it didn;t feel as strong, ever had that feeling your legs are going slower than your upper body and your gonna face plant PMSL, don't worry I didn;t but I felt like I was going to. Anyway I pushed as hard as I could right up to the end, hit the stop button on my watch 30:12 I actually said "Bull shit" out loud and had to look again a few times. I couldn't believe it. I was guessing I was gonna come in at 33mins something I can't believe I beat my last time, not complaining though.

When I got home Cam was getting ready for golf and he says "how did you go" I bet I had the goofiest look on my face. I said "fantastic, I always feel like a giggly school girl after a successful run". He was proud.

I can't believe I was 12 seconds off my goal time. Maybe next week huh! Wont be doing 5km again till next Monday. Looking forward to trying to beat last weeks 8km time on Friday morning with Crissy.


Em said...

PMSL - it's always the way, goes to show how much of this is in your head, sometimes when I am sure I have had a garbage run I'll check my watch and it will turn out to be as good as or better than a previous "good run", weird.

Crissyjt said...

Your on fire!
Your fitness is obviously improving.
Good run.