Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wed 19th July - Finally A Tick in The Box

O.k, I have to be honest. I have been avoiding my Blog cos I have been feeling so damn guilty about not running. This Virus I have has really taken it out of me and to make matters worse you know when you have a sore throat and the only time it feels better is when your eating, well that's all I have been doing.....EATING so I have been feeling like crap for so many reasons the last week or so. My body is trying it's hardest to get rid of this thing, every night I wake up soaked. Cam says it's my body trying to sweat the virus out. Last night was the worst. BUT today I finally got off my arse and went for a run. But before I go into that I have to share some other FANTASTIC NEWS....................

OUR BABY GIRL IS WALKING!!!!!!! She started on Friday 14th so she was 15months and 3 days old. She took her time getting there but in 30mins after her first real steps she was practially running. We are so proud of our Poppy.

Now back to running. I was really going to go Monday, I had my Mum & Dad over to watch Anna so I could go but it started raining quite heavily. Ordinarily I would just run in the rain but being sick already I didn't think it would be a great idea. I certainly don't want to get worse before the Fun Run, Plus my Dad was insisting I don't go so we all had some lunch instead. Then I was going to go yesterday after my hair appointment, Poppy was at Mum & Dads while I was getting my hair done in Hastings so it would have been soooooooo easy to duck out for a few laps of the foreshore BUT my hairdresser took 3 hours on my hair and I didn't get out till 4:30 and still had to go to the shop for some stuff for dinner and get Anna home to have her dinner. This morning however NO EXCUSES. I headed off to Nuns walk as soon as I got Poppy's breakfast ready and left it for Cam to give her.

In the car I was pumping myself up saying "just an easy 5km, you can do this, it will be easy" I was so scared, I didn't know what condition I would be in. I have missed 4 runs and put on a couple of kgs and am lacking energy. Once I started jogging though I felt great, yep this is where I should be. I thought I may have been going a little fast but couldn't seem to slow myself down so just went with it BIG MISTAKE. There is a spot in the track I always check my time and I am usually spot on about 10:30(ish but today I was just over 9mins. Ordinarily I would be happy with this but prob not a good idea when I have not been running. I started to slow down and get a little puffed about 2 mins from the turn around point. Once I turned I really had to slow it as I was puffing, I still have a bit of a cough and didn't want to have a coughing attack while running. Anyway it was at this point I realised how stupid I was for going out so fast and just knew it had come back to bite me on the arse. AND IT HAD. I struggled a bit for the rest of the run. Mostly with breathing. At one point I thought "stuff it, I'm gonna walk" but remembered a post Em wrote in the forum about how angry you feel when you give up and kept going (Thanks Em, that post has got me through a few runs now). Anyway I made it, 5km in 31:51. I suppose I should be happy with that time all things considered but I'm not. I am angry that I have gone backwards, it's not just the time that has given me the shits, it's the way I felt while running. So close to the Fun Run and I decide to get lazy. AAAGGGGHHHHHH.

NIGGLES: I have had a niggle in my left calf for a couple of days, was sore before I headed out this morning but didn't give me any curry while running. Hurt a fair bit while stretching and is a little tender now. I also have a bruised foot right near my big toe, long story. Lucky it didn't hurt too much in my runners but my boots kill it.

**Ha Ha, forgot to mention that I posted my entry to the Mornington Bay Run last week while I was sick, no getting out of it now. I got my bib today number 38 LOL. Crissy: If you havn't already entered get of ya arse and do so. Don't you dare leave me to run this on my own, your the one who talked me into this.


Jaykay said...

Isn't it a great feeling when they finally get up and walk. My daughter was about the same age before she did it without any help too.

And you got out there and ran...that's gotta be a good thing doesn't it!!

Stu said...

A BIG congrats to little A.

Now mum and dad will have to rearrange the house or things will come a fallin....