Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday 24th July - Nuns Walk 5km

OUCH My legs are really sore are my shoulders & neck. This is the first time I have ran two days in a row and maybe it was not such a smart idea to do so after a long run. This morning I woke up feeling a little better than yesterday and my legs didn't appear to be suffering at all form yesterdays long run, and so they shouldn't as it was an easy paced run however my neck & shoulders were really sore which could be either form not dropping them while running yesterday or from my glands being up. Anyway I headed out for my usual Monday 5km run at midday, I planned to leave my watch at home and make it an easy slow run but decided to take the watch and even use it to make sure I pace myself properly.

7mins into the run it was clear that my legs were feeling heavier than ever and this was not going to be the easy enjoyable run I thought it would be. I did manage to pace myself so I got to the turn around point in over 16mins though which was really good. My legs were feeling great just before turning around and I thought that maybe they were so sore earlier cos they were so cold before I ran but the good feeling didn;t last long. They were really heavy tackeling the small hill that is in my track and I was getting really tired. All I could do was slow down and concentrate on dropping my shoulders and not slouching and tipping slightly forward from my hips, this did help alot and I was back on track. I did pick up the speed at the end as usual but not as much as usual. I finished in 32:29 not that I cared about time at all today, infact I was after a slower run today.

I forgot to mention that when I got up this morning I felt some strain on the outside of my right leg above my ankle, I assume its from rolling my ankle in the pothole yesterday and have to keep my eye on it, another reason I didn't want to push it today.

Anyway This arvo we took Poppy to the park to feed the Ducks and play on the swings. She had a great time. It was her first time at the park as a walker, I have not taken her to the park since I stopped doing Baby Boot Camp, it has been too wet & cold and she has been too little to play on the equipment anyway. I got some great photos of her playing on the swings and some beautiful shots of her and her dad looking at the Ducks.

Now I am sitting here with very sore legs. My quads are sore on the outside (not at the front). I can't remember the last time they were this sore. Certainly not since doing Squats at Boot Camp. Anyway I think I will be hitting the spa tonight. I am a little worried about the sprain I may have in my leg also. Will rest my legs tomorrow and work on core instead then prob only do 5km on Wednesday.

Oh Chris, Thanks for the comment. I am looking forward to catching up sometime too. My hubby has agreed to get me a watch like yours when he gets his Tax return, I would love to pick ya brain a little more about it though and even have a look at how it works. I don't know who is more excited about GPS, Me or Crissy LOL.


Crissyjt said...

lol. Yeah, hurry up and get his tax done will ya!
Take care of those legs. Especially as i sent my entry in today!
And i, just like you, am not doing the fun run alone!!!

Chris said...

Feel free to pick my brain at any stage about the Timex Speed & Distance unit.

Looking forward to reading about your and Crissy's fun run!

Peahen said...

PMSL, Yeah Chris, I am sure we will provide you with a good laugh.