Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday 26th July - Nuns Walk 5km

This would have to go down as my WORST RUN EVER.

Mum & Dad were busy today so they could not watch Poppy while I ran today. "No problem" I say "I will just run with the pram". I figured that since my runs are meant to be a little easier this week that I would be O.K to take the pram and just have a really slow 5km jog.


What a stupid Idea that turned out to bloody be, Poppy didn;t feel like going for a jog and whinged most of the way, she only stopped towards the end, you will see why. About 15 mins into the jog my calves were starting to ache, I turned around at about 16 mins at the 2.5km mark so I knew I was going much slower than usual which was good. Heading back I had about a 2min period where everything felt fine and I had a good rhythm which is hard to get with a pram, but it was very short lived and my legs were really achy, by 22mins into the jog they were really hurting , my right leg in particular in the lower calf where I felt I pulled something in that damn pothole on Sunday, so I decided to stop and walk.

By this stage Poppy's whinging had evolved into full blown screaming and I was ready to cry myself. I was so bloody stressed I could feel every ounce of my body tencing up. My right calf felt like it had a massive knot in it and I was just about limping. I had to stop to try and calm my baby down but she wasn't having any of it. I had to get her out of the pram and carry her. She was fine then and proceeded to tell me about the trees and birdies. Her face was all red & blotchy and covered in tears and I felt terrible. So with an 11kg baby in one arm and pushing the pram with the other and hobbeling on one leg I made my way to the car. The 5km ended up taking me 41mins. I had to keep re-positioning the baby as she was getting bloody heavy.

Once I got home and set Poppy up with some munchies I started my stretching, OUCH my calves were sore. I have also been having sore quads this week but don't seem to feel much relief from the stretches. I have been icing the really nasty calf but don't know what to do next.

Tell you one thing, I am Never NEVER running with the pram again. It is a piece of crap and with an 11kg baby in it it is just too much hard work for me to get up the inclines. I am thinking this is why my calves are so sore. It's not a propper baby jogger, not that that would have made all that much difference. It is something I am not used to and I was stupid doing it a few days before a Fun Run.

Certainly not an enjoyable run. I started running as a means of stress relief after becomming a Mum, jogging with a screaming baby and a rattely pram is by no means relaxing and I came out of todays run more stressed than before I started it.

On a possitive note however my darling hubby purchased a Timex Speed & Distance watch last night off Ebay. I am so excited about it and can't wait to get it. Fingers crossed I have not done anything serious to my calf and will be able take it for a spin as soon as I get it.

Anyway must stop crapping on now, am expecting a knock on the door any minute and have the kettle boiling and a little cherrub cahhing away in her cot waiting for me to come and fetch her for a cuddle.



Em said...

Oh you poor thing, I hope it comes good for you. The calves are my problem area as well so I sympathise.

I was wondering what your daughters name was, Poppy is adorable, I love it!

Crissyjt said...

Oy! Stop nicking my phrases!
I like the idea of not taking the pram anymore. (I tried running a few times with it, and it's crap!)
Although if you had to use the pram, restrict your runs to either Hastings or safety beach as it's nice and flat.
Hope those legs are getting better with all your tlc that your giving them.
(mine.. mine.. MINE I TELL YOU!)

Chris said...

Chin up K!

Just means the next run will be much better as you got the crap one out of the way!

paul said...

I'm having a slight problem with my
calves at the moment also. Went a bit
crazy with the treadmill hills session
i think. Anyway take it easy and get
those legs right.