Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday 23rd July - Nuns Walk 9+km

Have been looking forward to this run all weekm woke up this morning feeling extremly shabby. My laringitis is back prob due to staying out till 4am Sat morning but I also have a stuffy nose/headcold aswell now. Determined not to miss todays run I headed to the chemist as soon as it opened this morning and got some Sinus Tablets.

Crissy got to my place at about 11:30 and we set off just after 12. We started at the Mornington Park, it felt strange for me to be running so out in the open. I couldnt help but be relieved once we veered off into the track into the bushes. We started off very slow and kept that pace till we turned around. It was a really nice pace and we were able to chat. I had to keep blowing my nose but only took one tissue, it was pulp by the time we finished the run. We hit the turning point at 33mins and picked up the pace a little on the way back then really started pushing it towards the end. I hit a pothole in the grass at one point and rolled my ankle then swore a few times worried that I may have hurt it. It was a little achey while running but not too bad. Nearing the end was a pretty nasty hill and we were really pushing ourselves up it going faster than any other part of the run. We finished at 1:03:58 so we managed to knock 2 mins off the second half of the run. Crissy was hanging for a neg split so I hope she was happy with that.

Was such a beautiful day and great to do our stretches in the park in the sunshine. We definately took our time stretching, my ankle was and still is fine so I was worries over nothing, however I feel like crap now. My cold had me knocked out on the couch this arvo and my head feels really heavy now. I don't feel much like any dinner but have been a good girl and drank over 2 litres of water today. I have not been drinking enough water lately and have to make an effort to drink more.

After stretching we took a drive along the course for next weeks Fun Run. OMG it is hilly, I am pretty worried about the run now.

This coming week will be my first ever taper week. I think I will just do 5km runs unless someone had any other suggestions. I will leave my watch at home for all my runs this coming week so I don't try to beat any of my times. Friday may actually only be a slow 4km run with the pram.

Oooh my Brother In law gave me his heart rate monitor this week. The watch part needs a new battery but once we work out how to get one of those I will be able to have a play with it. I was never gonna get into the HR stuff and still prob wont get into it too much but I do need to know how to use it for when I am pregnant with the next baby as I plan to try to keep running a little.

Off to put Poppy to bed now.


Crissyjt said...

I have been so slack with my blog lately, so it is nice to read yours when it's so detailed.
And those words (when u rolled your ankle) were very colourful! lol
As for the fun run... i hope there will be toilets on track! otherwise i will be sh!tt!ing myself... litterally!

Chris said...

Good work K!

You are improving in leaps and bounds. Looking forward to the next run we are both doing to catch up you and your partner in crime again!