Saturday, March 01, 2008

My cheeky little girl.

Here is another photo from the same little shoot I did just testing the new camera settings and improved lighting in that room. Two different crops of course. The bottom one has been cropped specifically for a 4x6 print. It is very very unlike me to have "eyes" in the center, I generally always have them up the top where they are but to either side BUT I am trying to break some of my rules, trying to loosen up a bit, trying not to try so hard cos it does my head in when I do not succeed. Cropping is also a rule I have recently broken, I would not crop any of my photos as I concidered it cheating. If I could not get the composition right in the camera then I just had to cop it and learn from it but then Cam made a point about post processing and how can I be comfortable with say applying a colour pop but but cropping. Good point love, so here I am stepping out of my comfort zone and cropping.

I actually really love this photo and at first I hated the bottom crop but the more I look at it the more I like it, you could even say I love it now. Oh and I am really loving my watermark. I may not be in such a hurry to make another one afterall. Not bad for "just playing". I only made it to teach myself how to make them into brushes on PS. I wasn't intending on keeping it LOL.

Anyway, Mum & Dad will be here soon.

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