Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Just a piddly easy 3kms today. That last 5km may have felt great at the time but I pulled up rather sore the next body's way of saying "hey fattie, ease up". I am soooo missing the Gym with all the public holidays and Cam working. I was rather cranky that I didn;t get to go this morning due to his meeting running overtime and the Gym shutting at 11.

I am serioulsy considering a "Photo a day" challenge for April. WOuld mean that I won't be able to take part in the beginners challenges for the month cos I just can't justify spending so much time on both................OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG flash just arrived my flash just arrived. Spose I have some reading and playing to do this arvo.

Anyway, what was I saying, oh yeah. I will only do one of the challenges but seeing how the "Photo a day" allows post processing (PPing) I think I am leaning towards that as it is what I love. However the beginners challenge is all about getting it right in the camera to start with which I certainly need to work on a bit more so perhaps I should stick with that. But I in my heart I really wanna do the Photo a Day.......especially now I have my flash LOL. And it is for April which is full of B'days for us.

What should I do? I am soooooo leaning towards Photo a Day. Having just got into textures....I wanna play.

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Mel Nunn said...

Yeah go for POTD... Play with your actions... It just gets you to spend a little more time appreciating the little things in your every day life.

Hey... which actions do you have? I Have itty bitty actions and LOMO, they are way cool.

Glad to hook up with ya again!