Saturday, March 22, 2008


.................More like jogging/shuffeling. Anyway all this photography stuff raging through my head 24/7 is killing me. It haunts my dreams and I am not sleeping well. Post processing, textures, actions, presets, lens's, flashes, backdrops, baskets, fluffy blankets, newborn photo ideas, f/stops, shutter speeds, white balance AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Yes I really do want to scream. I need to clear my head, and what better way to clear your head then going to hack at the Gym........Only today is Easter Saturday and the Gym is shut, BUT, it's a glorious day, the sun is out but it is nice and cool so off to Nunn's walk for me this morning were I planned on shuffeling a nice and easy slow 3kms................

............5kms later and my legs are like jelly. They are certainly not used to this LOL. Was a great jog though, perfect day for it and I could not think of a better way to earn the BBQ dinner and glasses of wine we will be consuming tonight. I could murder a bag of bullet habbit will plague me forever I am affraid.

Well, Happy easter everyone......we are not into easter here, lucky for us the kids are too young to know what those shiney colourful foil things are in the supermarkets. We have so far got away with keeping it all away from Anna but I caved this year and got a 10pk of small hollow cadbury eggs for us to hide and for Anna to find. That is the extent of our easter efforts though and IMO more than enough for a 3yr old.

Ryan is 9 months old tomorrow, OMG. His nansty acid poos have stopped and him bum is busy healing now. Thank god that's over.

Anna is getting her last two molars, she got a puzzle off Grandma and Grandpa for "easter" and she is so good at completing it all on her own.

Oh, I am getting my flash. I am so excited. Fingers crossed it's what I need to get clearer photos. While I am back on the photo subject I have been playing with textures. The last photos I posted of Ryan were my first real attempts, the background was pitch black like the ones of William but I added a texture so the background looked like "linen". I have been playing futher with textures and found a use for many of my digital scrapbooking papers. No examples though because I am playing with Tean's photos for now (William's Mum).

Anyway that's it from me. Have a happy and safe easter and keep the choc consumption to "in moderation".



Jodi said...

Hey Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and answering my question re the reflection. You are so clever, it looks awesome. Must be hard to keep off fingerprints etc. Anyhow, Very talented indeed. Great job, J xox

Stu said...

Good to see a run in your busy life, K girl..

all the best