Sunday, March 16, 2008

I know what your thinking........

........This chick only takes photos of her daughter. Well your pretty much right. My little girls spends far more time with the camera in her face than my little boy. Purely because he is way too busy for me, that's right. He has far too much to do to spare me some time for a photo session. However I begged and pleaded with him and after some clever bargaining he agreeded to squeeze me into his ever so busy schedule this morning for a very quick/rushed photo session and I could not be happer. FInally I have a few semi decent photos of him. Mind you to keep him in the one place (not I did not say "still" I had to have him standing in a clothes basket LOL.

This is a face he pulls that gets me laughing every time.

These two are the same pic, different crops and different PP treatment. The bottom one is my fav.


Anthea said...

oh Karina, I LOVE the bottom one!!!

Chelle's Cherubs said...

You are way too talented.
I guess it helps to have such gorgeous subjects!! :)