Friday, February 29, 2008

My Grumpy little girl

I have been playing with the settings in my camera, I just can't get the beautiful creamy, clean and bright skintones that are all the go with digi photography. The settings I had my camera on certainly wern't helping. I had the saturation up too high and the colour mode set to the brightest option both of which were really exagerating the pink tones in my kids skin. Changing these two setting have made a massive improvement on my shots.

I have also taken one step closer to addressing my lighting issues. You see we have a great room in this house for taking natural light photos, with two massive windows with Roaman blinds which are very easy to lift to let in as much light as possible, funnily enough it also happens to be our theater room so we need to be able to make it as dark as possible to be able to watch the big screen so the romans are blockout and we also have outside blinds installed. Ironic huh. ANyway one of the Roman blinds was not installed properly and could only be lifted about a meter off the floor or about to the top of the couches infront of the wondow thus not allowing any extra light in through that window. The dickheads who installed it went bust soon after instalation (Gee I wonder why, crappy workmanship perhaps) so we were unable to get them back out to fix it. Cam had set somehting up so I am able to manually lift it though with some string holding it up. These blinds are HUGE and a PITA to handle but so worth the trouble to let the extra lighting in so fingers crossed I will be able to get some better focused pics. This pic is not a good example as my focusing was off. I take full blame for that, nothing to do with the lighting. I still seem to have to use ISO 1600 which I HATE doing but I would rather slightly grainly in focus pics than smooth out of focus pics at this point.

Anyway here is todays effort with the improved camera settings and lighting. I have to somehow reduce the red in ALL my pics but I have not touched the colours in this one. I did add a simple colour pop though....something I have not been able to do untill now cos it only exagerates my crappy skintones.

Oh and Philly if you read this, you would not believe the surprise I got when I saw your comment this morning. I was wrapped, I was gushing like a teen who just spotted her fav celeb LOL. I have been admiring your work for a loooong time now, you are one of the photographers who inspire me and you took a look ay MY blog. Thankyou so much. I am thinking of posting this pic in the forum to get some CC on the colours. I feel I am so close to what I am trying to achieve I can taste it.

*I have removed the original photo and replaced it with a much much better version. This time I did play with the colours, I added bit of yellow to it to warm it up. I actually went right back to lightroom and started again from the beginning. Thankyou to the ladies on EB for helping me with this pic.*

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