Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Having a break......

...............From damn skintones that is LOL. Nothing like good ol' Black & White to give you a much needed break from tricky skintones. I just love this photo, I have a friend who would like me to take a photo and make it B&W but leave part of it B&W.....something I havn't done for a long time so I thought I had better have a practice so Andrea if you read this, thankyou very very much cos I prolly would not have played with this pic the way I have if it wern't for you and I just love how it has turned out.

O.K.....That was a short lived break. Could not help myself. Here is another one I just did. I love it! This one is definately getting printed to send to my Aunt who got Anan the Jumper. She is going to love it.

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Anthea said...

oh Karina, these are just gorgeous, (makes me a little jealous I dont have a girl to play around with girly photos) just gorgeous, keep em coming!