Friday, March 07, 2008

Our little miss serious.......

Hmmmmm, yes............don't be expecting too many photos of Little Miss Pop smiling in here. She is one surley little girl once the camera is in her face. Besides that I am very happy with this shot. Why is she wearing a t-shirt and trackpants? (not that you can see the trackies).....well because that is what she wanted to wear after lunch this arvo and who am I to argue, I know much better than that these days. It was an effort to get her to wear something to bed just now LOL. I promice some pics of my mini boss to come. He is not photographes as much simply because he wont sit still long enough. There is not a shutter speed quick enough o capture my little bolt of lighting. I am hoping my new lens helps. I did manage a few snaps earlier though, fingers crossed there is at lease one in focus.

And another one from the mini shoot we had outside the other day.


Kellie said...

STUNNING!! Not too cool at all, you could even POP the eyes a little if it didn't take away from the Peaches'n'Cream.


Naomi V said...

Hey babe your new pics are awesome (they all are though). Thanks also for your comments on my blog. Yes it was very hard because like I said I NEVER take pics of myself and HATE having my photo taken. I have only a handful that I actually look any good in.

Will you be doing more outdoor shots in future? I am like you and also tring to get out more. I did some today for our challenge and took some cool pics of my sister in law - down Gold Coast today so will post on Monday. they were taken at the beach so we will see how they look on the puter screen.

Do you use Raw?