Saturday, March 08, 2008

Playing with Actions

I have had a whole heap of actions for ages but never really play with them. I think most of them are suited to outdoor shots. Anyway, as soon as I processed this pic I wanted to play with action on it. SO here I am testing all these different actions on it. Here are a few of them. I am still playing LOL. I am saving them all with the action names for future reference.

The Original

Overall Mood-Sad (a fav of mine I think)

Retro feeling - Reddish

Hard Love


Emma said...

I think it says a lot for your photography skills that my clear favourite is the original! I'm desperately waiting for cooler weather to get some more of James & Eleanor. How do you get her to stay still???

Peahen said...

Aw thanks Emma, she doesn't stay still, that is why all my photos are out of focus LOL. I do however try to shoot where there are distractions so I can snap more natural shots of her not looking at the camera. Like for that pic she had the weeds to play with. Or I will tell her to look at something like "Oh loot at how big the lemon tree is Poppy..........CLICK".

Naomi V said...

Wow, these are AWESOME. I agree with Emma though, my fav is defintely the first one. You did an awesome job and it is a BEAUTIFUL picture. Get outdoors more - it is wonderful.

Alicia said...

I love the pic!!! The original is the best... but out of all the others i LOVE the last one... hard love i think it is... I wish you could be the photographer for my wedding LOL