Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Meet William......

......Isn't he just so scrummy yummy. Of course I have "Mum's" full permission to publish these on my blog. Tean, don't worry you wont have my watermark all over the ones on your C.D. They also wont be as sharp as these unfortunately, these have been "sharpened for web" mainly because I have to compress them so much to post them here.

This "shoot" was not easy, my camera was playing up, some idiot had buggered her light meter settings stuffing around with the camera at some stage so I had to pretty much guess my exposures, I had the White balance wrong, I had misplaced my Phojo, the backdrop was threatening to blow away and my subject had a bladder problem LOL. It wasn't easy but it was alot of fun. I took ALOT of pics but only got a handfull of good pics. I also took some pics of Another friends little baby girl, she would have to be the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen and I am hoping "Mum" gives me another crack at it now I have my new lens. The ones I got are not great (not the subject's fault at all, just the silly old cow behind the camera".

Not much else from me today. Ryan has been crook with some kind of tummy upset for about 5 days now and as a result he has lost the skin off him bum, it's just a mass of bleeding and weeping welts. I am not in a good way about it, it's very hard to see such a thing on your own precious bundle. He is in alot of discomfort with it. I have also made a pact with myself not to play with any more of my photos untill I finish processing this lot for my two friends. So you wont be seeing anything new from me till then.

As just mentioned I got my new 50mm f/1.8lens and I lurrrrve it. I have also found my old flashgun so I am able to bounce a flash off the ceiling/walls to help me along with my "natural light" but then found out there is a possibility it may blow up my camera so I have to try and resist using a result I am in the market for a new flashgun that is compatible with my camera. Mothers day is coming up......and Cam did promice me something extra special for this Mum's day while I was near or in the pushing stage of Ryans labour. Time to cash in me thinks.

Anyway enjoy the pics of sweet William, oh and yes two of them are the same just on different angles. Tean he really is a sweet little spunk and I loved meeting him again and catching up with you and Nikki.

Now I have a choc cake in the oven for Mum's group tomorrow. I don't want to ruin it so toodles XX


Emma said...

Awww! I LOVE that third one!

Jodi said...

How do you get those awesome reflections? I'm guessing it's a photoshop thing? Looks great! xx