Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A problem fixed WHOO HOO

It's late and I should be in bed but I am waiting for bottles to sterilise. Why did I leave it so late to sterilise them? Well...........I have had this problem with my photo processing for a while now. You see my images look great in Lightroom and PS but once I save them they look completely different and it has been frustrating the poop out of me for months now. I have tried so many things and nothing was working. Untill tonight that is. As a last resort I stuffed around withthe monitor untill nothing and I mean NOTHING looked right. Even the icons on my desktop looked bizzar. Then I cried cos I didnlt know how to change it all back, then I crossed my fingers and tried the image and colour reset option on my actual monitor then hit the auto button and everything was fixed.......including my little problem with Lighroom, PS and Windows. Now when I post process my pics to within an inch of thier life they look the same when I save them.

Anyway, I got some new black fleece for my backdrop today so expect my blog to be flooded with new pics in the near future.....all with the black backdrop LOL. Here is one I took today, most of my pics from today are terrible due to crappy lighting but I liked this one. Of course I have added the gool ol Urban Acid Action....because I bloody well can.

Now back to bottles.

Oh and thankyou so much for the comments guys. Very encouraging. Especially my annonymous EB friend, that was a lovely surprise.

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Naomi V said...

Hi, I am from EB and just wanted to say that I love your pics and also wanted to ask what you use for your backdrops - I read somewhere polar fleece but is it perspex on the floor and how much did you purchase.

Thanks heaps and I think your photos are fab! I have same focus issues - but we will get there.