Monday, February 25, 2008

My "not so little" Man

It's been a little while since I posted a pic of my handsome man. I quickly snapped this one today. I had to make it B&W because he has an unslightly sun/wind burnt face. He is about as cheeky as they come and he looooooves his Mum. He is rough and pulls my hair if I am not smart enough to pull it back. He also claws are my face, neck and chest when he is tired and tends to stick his fingers up my nose when I am feeding him his bottle. He loves to shred paper and had been going to work on an old Cosmo I had lying around with Delta Goodrum on the cover lately. I just love him to pieces, he is my boy and he is handsome as hell and when his face lights up mine does too.


Anthea said...

oh Karina, that photo is just gorgeous!!! he is very hansom!

Nic said...

OMG Karina....Ryan is a spit in that shot for Anna at the same age!!!


He has grown so quickly and is absolutely scrummy!!

We will have to organise a day to catch up - I miss you guys!! We could go to the Farm if ya want!! :)