Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just playing.

Been a while I know, I have been meaning to blog but just never seem to find the time. Things can be really full on here. I only just picked up my camera for the first time in a few weeks yesterday.

Cam took me out for lunch yesterday, we left the kids with my Mum and went to the tooradin airport restaurant called "Wings and Finns". It is a seafood restaurant but I managed to find a nice spicy chicken salad on the menu, it was divine. All the salad ingredients were very fresh and reeking of quality I have not been that impressed with a salad for a while. We also got a bottle of wine and some desert, I got a Pear, Lemon & Lime tart and it was AWESOME. Lucky for my calorie count we didn;t need dinner last night LOL.

The running and gym is going well, I am jogging 5km each run and getting better slowely. Had a scare the last run I went on involving a car load of guys drinking at 6:15am in one of the carparks I jog through on the track but I wont go into that. That was Saturday morning and I have not attempted a jog since due to a nasty headcold but I have been back to the track and was a little jittery so who knows how I will go when the time comes.

Here are a few photos, the first one I took a while ago but played with it for a scrap challenge so why not upload it LOL. The second one I took yesterday, I took it through my closed window in a moving car with three wines under my belt so I am impressed. I have added an action called Urban Acid and a vignette during the RAW processing.

The Third one I took last night, once the kids were in bed hubby suggested I take my camera down to the beach for a play. I need to get some photos for a blog challenge and am struggeling, I wanted to get a shot of 3 beach boxes and had an idea of some effects to apply to them but I just wasn't feeling it last night and came home with some very average shots. The beach was busy and I was worried people would think I was a sicko and taking photos of them. Anyway I did get this beach box shot at Mt Martha South Beach and pretty much Post Processed it to within an "inch of it's life" as hubby would say LOL. I processed it in Lightroom then in PS CS2 I added a vintage action, I have so many I can not for the life of me remember which one, then I added a pink Grad filter then a lens distortion filter, of and of course one of Bud frames I love the finished product, too bad it doesn't fir in with the blog challege theme.

The last photo was also taken last night too, It was taken at Nun's Walk....where I run. I blogged a photo taken at the exact same spot in 2006 in an entry called Picture of Nunn's Walk There is a lookout right where I park when I go for my runs and this is the view from it. Breathtaking in everylight, this is the first time I have taken sunset photos. I was chatting to an elderly man the whole time I was taking photos, he was an artist and interested in what I was doing. I was glad for the company considering my experience at Nunn's walk only a few days ago. ANyway the photot was again processed in Lightroom then taken into CS2 where I added a slight "pop" and adjusted the colour balance to bring out the blue in the sky. Yes I am getting right into post processing, gotta keep up with the times. I added one of my fav Frame actions Jodi's Multiple Choice Frame Action

Well that is it for me, I have more photos to upload before my camera battery dies and then bottles to fill. Kellie, I know you read this and I wanna thank you for taking an interest. I know you love seeing pics of the kids. Lub you xxx


Nic said...

Hey you!!

Lovin' your work - as usual!! :) You really inspire me to grab my camera, honestly!!

Glad that you and the boy got to spend some time together...sounds like you had a lovely time


Anthea said...

oh lucky you and Cam going out, good on you!! more gorgeous photos too Karina!! you have inspired me to try to figure out my actions, and learn how to download and use more!!!!

Alicia said...

Dinner sounded nice! Glad you got some time out!

Your pics are truely amazing.... love them all!

I do buy alot of scrap kits.. i love the freebie ones, but i find that the ones for sale are sometrimes too amazing to resist.

(thanks for the lovely comments on my blog)