Saturday, February 23, 2008

Farmyard pics

I am mainly adding these pics for the Mum's group ladies to save me emailing them and clogging thier inbox's LOL. The latest Challenge for the photography blog was "metal". Perfect timing considering this weeks Mum's group was at Rain, Hayne and Shine farmyard which happened to be loaded with old metal farming equiptment and other stuff. Anyway I thought it would be nice to email the girls this link so they could see why I was maddly snapping strange things LOL.

Not much else happening here. Have cut runs back to 3kms for various reasons. I hope to be back at 5kms in the near future but I am not going to push it. I am luuuuuurving the Gym. I got an awesome new pair of sunnies for running the other day, actually the same day we went to the farmyard (thanks Andrea) and they are sensational. Soooooo light and so clear and absolutely NO FOGGING UP and bugger all glare. They are by far the best sunnies I have ever had. I will have to take a pic LOL. I have 5.5kg to go to get to pre preggy weight.

Kids are O.K. Ryan has just been crook and keeping me up for 3 nights straight. He is fine now though. Anna had her first real haircut at the hairdressers the other day. Again I must post pics.

We all went to a friend of mines daughters first B'day party today. I can't believe how quickly that year went....Happy B'day Charli. Ryan is 8 months old 4 months we will be having our own first B'day big bash here. Goodness, how scarey. He is walking a bit when you hold his hands now and he is increasingly cheeky. I just love him to bits.

Well.....I think that's it. I need to go to bed so it is going to have to be it. Oh almost forgot, I am in contact with one of my cousins.....we used to be very close, penpals. We are very close in age. I am extremly happy to be in contact with my Kellie again. You gotta luuuurve facebook. Oh Oh and I am meeting a "net friend" tomorrow. A lovely lady from my Parents group who also happens to be a member of the photography blog. Exciting exciting. Must rememeber to take camera.

Anyway I really have to go to bed. Oh I had better email this link out first PMSL.


Nic said...

Wow Karina!! I am in love with your new pics....especially the first one - that really is my fav! Well done!! :)

MIL and SIL were talking yesterday about taking Alex to that farm in Balnaz...did the kids enjoy it???

Peahen said...

Yeah they sure did, they got a tractor ride and you can get pony rides for $2. Has a picnic area and shelter if the weather gets a bit wooly. Great trough for washing little hands. Le me know if you ever end up going and we will meet you there. Anna loves it. Great cheap day out.

Batty said...

Love the windmill shot poppet - you should be really proud of your work :)

Alicia said...

Love the pics of the old wheels! You are so talented. I wish I could take pics like you do!!

Anthea said...

oh Karina, just stunning photos!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karina,
saw your link on EB, just wanted to say what stunning photo's you have - you are super talented!