Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blog Lazy.....

.......I know I know, I have been neglecting my blog. I have been super busy with Anna's B'day.......Yes that's right my baby girl is now THREE!!!!!! Ah, when did that happen? Crazy crazy. It wasn't just Anna's B'day, on that weekend it was Anna's B'day then the following day it was a little frind of her's Caleb's B'day, I met Caleb's Mum (Vanessa...Hi Ness) in hospital when I had Anna, we were neighbours LOL, then the following day it was Seths B'day party (most of you have seen Seth's photos on Flickr and have already fallen in love with him LOL. I will post a pic or two of him after his Mum has the CD full of photos). Anyway then a few days later it was Mum's B'day.....I have to say....if I see another B'day cake I am going to repeat my actions of the rotten egg incident. Speaking of Cake, I have to make time to do a post featuring Anna's B'day pics. They are not great as I was more interested in enjoying the day than taking photos and really didn;t care LOL......but I will post them all the same to show you how happy she was and how divine her cake was. I also have to post the rest of the necklace pics.

I have not been well, I'm still not. I am suffering terrible headaches, I am exhausted and I have been dizzy. It's all getting a bit scarey actually. I think I am seriously run down. For a week there I wasn't even enjoying taking photos......but then a new challenege was set in the beginners group I am part of and I have been fired up again LOL. LANDSCAPES......somehting I desperately need help with so the practice and CC given on my pics this week are priceless. I love a good landscape and want to be able to take them. If I get time I will post some tonight.

Today I took the kids to the beach, just for some time out of the house and so I could get some nice photos of them for myself....not for any challenges. I also wanted to practice my Backlighting shots. I also wanted to see what Ryan thought of the beach LOL. Turns out he thinks Sand is very very tasty and the sea calls to him as if he were a baby turtle making his first voyage to the water. Made taking photos very hard, but it also made for a fun time with the kids paddeling in the water and me so happy that they were both having so much fun. I got some nice photos of Anna but the ones of Ryan sucked. He had sand all around his mouth too from the fistfulls he was eating.

Anyway, that is my update. I will try to find some pics to post. First here is one of Ryan yesterday drinking his milk....well pretending to drink it LOL. I love this pic.

The above three were taken on Friday (18th April) I just wanted to test out some settings on my camera, trying to get a better SOOC shot. These are all SOOC and I am very happy with them TBH. Beats spending time PPing them. Oh actually....the bottom one was cropped. I also took some in RAW and the colour difference and clarity are amazing.....but I have to say that this time I prefer the SOOC JPEG's. I will post the RAW one abother time, I'll do a storyboard to compare them.

These last two were taken a few weeks back, maybe even a month back. It was a stormy day....actually it was not long before the melbourne storms hit. I had a turd of a time. It was freezing and I had just been to the Gym so I wasn't exactly rugged up. I had the wrong lens on my camera, I had forgotten to change my ISO from the day before, I fell in a canal and got my sneakers and orthotics wet.....soaked, I had to get down onto my belly for that top shot and came home with sand in my jocks and my lens got covered in salt spray. On a positive note I did not drop my camera in the water, my lens is fine and I love the shots I got in the end.

And are todays beach shots of Anna.

"Cracking me up"


Emma said...

As always, Karina, I love your photos. They are visually stunning, but more importantly, they have a feel. You know what I mean. No favourite today, I couldn't pick!

I know where you're coming from on the headaches. Get them checked out. It should give you some peace of mind, and maybe even some relief!

legs said...

FANTASTIC pics as ever K.

I know where to come for my next family shots hun. LOL

OMG anna is simply stunning and looks more and more like you all the time!!


Emma said...

Where did you get the gorgeous swirl in your first watermark from? Or are you so clever you made it yourself? I'm looking for something similar to blow up into a quilt design!

Shannon said...

Love the bum shot!!!!

She is going to be such a heart breaker when she is older. She is a truly stunning little girl.

Alicia said...

Beautiful!! (as always) Love the cracking up one ROFL

Alicia said...

you have been awarded :) check out my blog for details!