Friday, April 04, 2008

PAD - April 4th

Happy Birthday Jodi
Today is my absolute most Fav cousin's B'day. So, Happy Birthday Jodi. Wish I was sinking a few good red wines with you RIGHT NOW......Mwahhhh XXXXXX
Below is my PAD for today. Not much, just a weed in the backyard with some texture. But that is what PAD is all about. Doing what you can with what you have and getting some practice at the same time. I wish my wool arrived today. I just wanna be crocheting right now. I like to crochet when it's cold.

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Jodi the Cuz said...

Gosh your a lovely Chick. What a great surprise to see a big birthday wish on your blog for me. I had some red wine then I had some more and thought of you. Wish I wasn't so far away so we could have them together.
Your pictures are MAGIC. I'm very proud of you, even the egg shots are great when I can get past the visualisation of vomit on the floor.
Love you heaps, Jodi the Cuz.