Friday, May 02, 2008

I am now 28

Earlier this week I tuned 28, WOW! Most of the time I feel like I am 40. The day before my B'day I got a haircut and my very first ever massage.....I am not massages not haircuts LOL. For my B'day Cam and the kids got me a new Lens and flashgun (which I had already recieved) and a backdrop stand with a white backdrop....which is about to come in real handy as it would appear I have my first real "Booking" in a week or so (Thanks Chelle). I am pumped. Anyway Cam and the kids took me out to lunch and then we went for a drive to Sorrento. I took some pics....Oh I forgot about them and wanted to post the pelican pics, oh well, next time. On the way home we witnessed the most stunning early sunset we have seen in a while. Breathtaking as sunsets always are but we could only stop for pics while the sun was still quite high as we had to get the kids home.

Anyway, here are my last SP's as a 27 yr old....April had me feeling a little crazy in the end. I bit off more than I could chew. I am done with Challenges for a while now. The beginners Challenges were frustrating me and killing my confidence and the "Photo a Day" challenge was great but perhaps I picked a bad month LOL. I had a particular idea in mind for these SP's and it wasn't working. I can't even remember what that idea was anyway this was the end result as I just got so frustrated. I love it, it's funny and portrays how I feel most of the time PMSL.

This was hillarious....I had to set the tripod outside to fit the shot in....and didn't realise that I could have worn shorts and a singlet and got the same effect as wearing just my here I am running outside, holding my boobs to set the self timer.....I only took two shots, I was too scared of someone seeing me LOL. I am wrapped though cos it turned out exactly as I had pictured it to.....and my hair looks bloody awesome when flipped upside down. This was for one of my "Photo a Day's"

Another one for "Photo a Day" but this is my absolute last pic taken as a 27 yr old on the day before my B'day. I had just got my hair cut and got this annoying side fringe cut into it. I hate it, it looks OK but it is annoying. There is a grey hair in that photo.

Oh My Beer photo....should I add it? Oh what the hell, it got a good responce so I will. Yep....April......definately sends me CRAZY!!!!!

Now for my stunning little girl..........

My first attempt at full on backlighting with low sun trying to get some lens flares. Oh actually I got some of Ryan that evening too.

It's really hard to focus when your looking into the sun and your these are OOF. DUnno what the trick is there. Using AF perhaps? My Lens wont AF on my camera LOL....we went to the cheaper option.

Next post I will have to dedicate the the second most charming little guy I know.....Mr Seth. His Mum said I could pick a few fav pics to post so I am going to LOL.


Nic said...


I'm dropping in to give you some ego-boosting!!

I LOVE your SPs - especially your 'crazy' one and the beer one. Spectacular!!

Can't wait to see what you do with Chelle and the kids!! I'm sure it will be awesome (as usual!)

You do rock!! ;)


Emma said...

Happy Birthday! AWESOME photos! I just love the upside down SP; what a great idea! And that first one of Ryan - gorgeous!

Chelle's Cherubs said...

You are very welcome, can't wait!! :)
Love your pics Karina, they're great!!

Renee said...

Poppet, have you considered getting a remote shutter release for your SPs? I have a very cheap one from HK and it's awesome :)

Might save your neighbours from getting a surprise :P

Mel Nunn said...

How funny!! I can imagine you with your knickered ass in the air and the neighbors dieing of shock LOL...

So how did you set up your background outside??

I'm with renee... get yourself a remote!!

Shannon said...

I love, love, love the beer shot. It looks like it is for an advertisement. BRILLIANT!!!!!

Happy birthday too Old Girl!


Stu said...

Happy K...

Luv Angel Musik Babee said...

They are great shots Karina!!! I love the crazy one of you :D

Cant wait to see what you do with Chelle's beautiful family!

Anonymous said... are one wild cat ;)

Rach said...

They are great hun! I love your work!