Monday, July 16, 2007

More LO's

Yes I have been busy, I whipped these up two nights in a row while waiting to do the last feed for the night. The first two were made using the Mary, Mary Quite Contrary Kit by Sande Krieger found at Two peas in a bucket The second two were made using bits and pieces from
I have had to download some more gear as most of my stuff is very girly. It's hard to find stuff for boy digi scrapping.
Hubby and I are researching Digi SLR Cameras. I think he is finally agreeing to letting me have one. Looks like we are gonna get a Nikon D40 Kit DX 18-55mm EDII. It is a bit cheaper then the Canon EOS 400D and got a much better write up from "Choice" but everyone seems to have the Cannon so I am having trouble finding out what people think of the Nikon. AAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


Anthea said...

beautiful pages Karina, and a gorgeous little man! everything boyish is in short supply, scrap supplies AND clothes!!!

I hope you have fun with your Digi SLR, I LOVE mine!!! it is another child!

Stu said...

Hey K, I must disagree with anthea (sorry), there are so many 'great' clothes for boys, they can look so cool, yes...not cute, but really 'good'.

A little boy can enjoy colour too and being dressed like a boy and I'm sure that dad will ensure that Ryan is so! :-) enjoy, boys are cool, I should know, I have 4, part time