Monday, March 16, 2009

Ryan.......our sweet sweet boy.

Ryan is a hard one to get photos of....he is like the looney toons character Taz........always on the move and always destructing things LOL. 

Today I went out and got a few new blankets, an elbow pillow and some more beans for the beanbag......strictly for prop use of course. I managed to bury him enough to keep him still for a split second and I have to say I am OVER THE FLIPPIN MOON with the results. I have so so sooooo many photos of Anna but not too many of Ryan.....and most of the ones I do have of him are out of focus. I took these today and as I type they are uploading to get printed. I just love them. Isn't he bloomin divine?

This bottom one is a fav, he is a little stud. 

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