Monday, March 09, 2009

Busy Busy Busy.

Gee, I got slack real quick here didn't I. I do have a good excuse, I have been REALLY busy. After the bushfires devistated Victoria I started  a little fundraiser, I am taking childrens portraits and selling a print package and donating most of the proffits to the Red Cross Bushfire appeal. I started a blog to launch the fundraiser. You can see it

I didn't go crazy sending the link out, I had no idea how it would go so I started with a small group of people in my email list and another small group on facebook. Having two small kids at home and a hubby working crazy shiftwork I could only take on a limited number of sessions. I was also offered to put a flier up at my Gym but didn't have to take up the offer in the end. I have only one session left.....actually two as I just had a cancellation. It has been a great learning experience for me, I have an idea of how many sessions I can take on a month now and I have had more experience with other peoples children and at the end of the fundraiser I should have a nice little portfolio. 

A special thankyou goes out to my lovely next door neighbour Sarah who booked me for a session (which happens to have been my best session to date) and then refered me to her friends and got me two more bookings. I would show some of the photos but I have not got Sarah to sign my paperwork yet LOL. 

Health: Yep, my health went backwards again. I was having tum problems again and thought "great, I can't eat rye aswell as wheat" but I went to the wonderful Monica Henry, and appointment I had waited over 4 months for, and found out it was the yeast......along with a ridiculous list of other foods which after a week of cutting out I was feeling worse than ever......tired, irritable and weak. Lucky for me I had my appointment with my super fab natropath, Samuel Kennedy, approaching and after a good chat with him we think we know what all my problems come down lack of gall bladder and my ability to digest properly due to that. So it's not the wheat as such, as in it;s not an allergy, it's y bodys inability to digest the wheat that is causing the problems. So I am on these drops which will help my first stage digestion, 3 days of being on them my tum was starting to ease. One week later and my tum is alsmost 100%. Amazing. My concern now is for the kids. Seems everyone in y family has tum issues and my kids are no exception. I am going to take them to my natropath to see what he thinks, maybe we can help them avoid having major issues down the track.

Camera Club: I had my third comp judging this week and I got a second place for my monochrome and a "highly commended". 

A little announcement: I have my business name. I have not set anything else up but once I do I will link it from here. I am in the process of designing a logo but have had to put all things "Mugshots Photography" on hold till my fundraiser slows down. As it is I have two sessions to order prints and mounts for, another just got the gallery up and another I am in the middle of processing (this session I am processing now I am having a ball with, there are some stunning images of these siblings). I have a session this coming thursday I am also really excited about, my fav girls to photograph (other than my own of course). 

Last but not family: My kids are fantastic, they really are. You know there are times when I am pulling my hair and wonder what I was thinking but those times are sooooo out weighed by the magic times, like when Anna tells me randomly she loves me, or she hugs Ryan for no reason other than she loves him, or when she sits quietly "reading" a book when she thinks no-one is looking and makes up stories to go with the pictures. And Ryan, he is a little firecracker.......a cyclone.........our own little tassie devil "Taz". But he gives the worlds best cuddles and does the cutest things and never makes a fuss over the small things that Poppy does. I love watching him dance, he has not got Anna's rhythm but Cam and I still love watching him dance. (I need to come back and read this later after is has taken me an hour to get them packed up into the car because Ryan unpacks things quicker than I can pack them and Anna has a 30min tanty over going to the toilet and washing her hands).

A huge thing for Anna at the moment is she has started 3 yr old Kindy. She is loving it, I assume she is doing OK there. She is so lovey dovey after I pick her up. This week after Kinda we went shopping for new jeans for me (yep, I had to get some smaller ones whoo hoo) and Anna says as we are walking down main ST Mornington "I love you Mummy, your my favourite girl, thankyou so much for taking me to kindy and coming to get me" with the sweetest look on her sweet little face. I stopped right there in the middle of main st and gave her the hugest cuddle..........5 mins later she was peering under the door of the change room announcing rather loudly "HI MUMMY.....I CAN SEE YOUR KNICKERS"


Batty said...

So proud of you Poppet :)

Sarah Walker said...

Please feel free to show the photos from our shoot! Sarah xxx