Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cafe Renovations

LOL, Yep I thought the Cafe was long over due for a re-vamp. I used the Cafe overhaul to start my creative juices flowing in preparation to designing my company logo.....which I did last night.

This is huge for me.....I HATE change, never cope well with it. I also dislike anything but white backgrounds.....but I love the Cafe's new look. Now I just need to get in here more often.

Now for some little useless chitchat, I have watched a few movies lately. The day I got my business name certificate in the mail my bestie came over and we had a few (too many) drinks. We attempted to watch a movie, starting with
Rachel getting Married it lasted about 5 mins and we turned it off. Next we attempted 27 dresses  it is one of my FAV's (and I can't believe in these reviews it got less starts than Rachel getting married) and Kellie hadn't seen it but we were too giggle and chatty to watch.....we only payed attention to the bar scene "B B B Benny and the jetsssssssss". Anyway, the next day I was feeling rather poorly, and after having a look at what was left of the bottle of vodka I realised that I would more than likely feel that way all day so movies it was. 

I attempted to watch Rachel getting Married again......well I watched it all but my GOODNESS.....what a waste of life that I will never ever get back. Kellie and I love the movie 28 days but it was like someone had decided to remake it but write the script while on a truck load of downers of some kind. It was the most drawn out boring NOTHING movie I have ever seen. 

Next I watched 7 pounds now I am not usually a fan of Will Smith but by golly this was a GREAT movie. I loved it. I am pestering Cam to watch it now.....but he favours movies that suck so I guess he wont like it.

Then while I was sick a few days ago (yeah I copped the lurgy BAD) I had an early night and watched changeling with Angelina Jolie. I am not a fan of Angelina, her acting does NOTHING for me and I find her presence in a movie creepy in general......and this was no exception. It was a very sad movie and not the kind I would have watched if I had have known what it was about first. I hate any movie with kids being hurt in it and at one stage in this movie I wanted to rip through Cam for telling me to watch it, him knowing what i am like I was furious that he has suggested it. Anyway I had to keep watching cos if stopped at that point I would have been picturing little boys being hacked to death with an axe all night, so I watched the whole thing. It was a sad movie, but a good one I guess. The only person that would have been worse for the lead role however would have been Nicole Kidman. 

Last but not least......Cam talked me into watching a movie with him the other night. Cam often watches movies at night while I work on photos. He likes creepy, scarey movies and I don't anymroe so it works well for him to watch them while I am busy, anyway I decided to work till 8:30pm then join him. The movie was called Walled In and the opening scene featured something terrible happening to a dear little girl.......I could have throttled Cam right there and then. Seriously I just can't handle it,and it seems every horror/thriller movie seems to feature kids being tortured to death in some way WTF is with that? Anyway I kept watching, thinking the next kid I see doing anything other than making daisy chains I am walking out and going back to work........lucky that was the worse of it. I liked the movie in the end. Cam didn't, messaged me the next day saying it was the worst he has seen in a long time........I find that hard to believe considering the crap he watched on a weekly basis, he and his mate could run the "I am a fan of crap movies" club. Anyway I would not watch it again but it was good crappy entertainment that I didn't have to think too hard watching, I do think it is sad that in this day and age they seem to feel the need to always resort to child cruelty for shock value. that is it. The Cafe has been spiffed up a little and I just proved I can talk about something other than photography. 


Anthea said...

Hey Karina, the Cafe is looking gorgeous, but those photos below, my girl, you are amazingly talented! Hope your well, miss chatting to you

Batty said...

May I please have a hot chocolate with marshmallows and a caramel slice?

Stu said...

The Logo looks good!

A bottle of vodka & then a day after of movies, sounds all GOOD!

7 Pounds, good movie and yes, there was a small tear...