Monday, March 23, 2009

Pink overload.....

My friend Katie needed some help taking photos today.....she had all the gear and the pose idea but just needed someone to point and press the shutter. I had a ball. Now I want lights and a camera that has auto focus SO BAD!!!!!

While I was there I chucked my card in her camera and had a play with her stunning baby Amelia and took some shots of Anna and the famous chocolate for this months camera club comp. 

Here are some pics.....

Anna Banana

Pretty in pink.

Chocolate again

Sweet hands

Miss Millie

Katie & Amelia-12-Edit-2

Thanks again Katie. I had a ball and after the play with your Camera I came home and looked into it and Cam says I can get one.......I just have to get my head around not getting my dream camera but I was so impressed with yours today. Might have to have another play in natural light. 

Anyway, yes I have been slack here at the cafe again.....with good reason. I did THREE shoots this week. I know INSANE! So I am going to be FLAT OUT processing the sessions. I am also trying to get something done for this months camera club comp. I missed out last month cos I was so busy and can see it happening again. I have less than two weeks to get my entries processed, printed and mounted.

I have sourced a wonderful canvas supplier and have had one done for a client who was super much so she wants another one. She is not alone, after seeing it Cam and I want some too. I am also in the process of ordering a few different albums to offer clients which is fun. I love classy albums, I have a dry mount one here for the kids photos and it looks awesome. So.....busy busy busy. I think I have a few really late nights coming up. So I wont be blogging for a while. 


Shannon said...

Karina, I thought you had a camera with auto focus? Don't you have the Nikon D40X??

Beautiful pix by they way!


Just call me Peahen........ said...

Nah the Nikon be able to autofocus you have to buy really exxy lenses as the motor is not in the camera.


Shannon said...

Ohhhh, good excuse to upgrade if you ask me.

I am still trying to justify a reason to spend my settlement money on a nice new camera. Just can't find the right excuse though ;)

Karina Mahoney said...

This is my way of thinking.....when people like your pics they want them BIG. I don't feel right trying to get huge prints with a 6MP camera. Also, I take too many photos while trying to manually focus, I am good at manually focusing, I have been doing it flat out for almost 2 years....but I think I would take quicker and less images if the camera focused for me. Less images means less to sort through which means more time to spend on the processing in itself. I could go on but I wont. See if any of those reason helos you justify it Shannon LOL.......if not I will try to make up...I mean come up with some more LOL.

Katie Toland said...

Hi luff. Just catching up on your blog now. Thanks so much for comming over to help me. Your pics of Millie and Anna are gorgeous. Good luck with the choc comp :)

How's the new baby going? My 85 arrived today, and so did the albums.