Thursday, August 02, 2007

Crash.......and burn!

Wow, how to go from blissfully high to depressingly low in less than a week.......have your milk supply drop. Yep after being so happy with our feeding it went backwards. Lucky for me I had a visit from a great lactation consultant who has pointed out a few things that should help once corrected, like attachment and my diet. Yep turns out I need alot more protein in my diet. So we have made some changes and I think/hope we are getting there.
Anna has been a mess this week, we know she was teething and she had a temp a few days ago but she just wasn;t getting any better and I couldn;t get her into the doctors till Friday so we took her to the hospital on Wed night. After waiting 2 hours all the doctor could find wrong with her was a little bit of a red throat and a tiny bit of an ear infection and he wouldn't give her antibiotics. We think that she is also playing on it a fair bit now, we are having real trouble with her. I just want my good/sweet little girl back.
Anyway, just to prove I do take photos of Anna aswell as Ryan here is my latest LO. It is not a digital one for a change, it took me ages to do cos I am not very good at the "manual" scrapbooking and I kept changing my I could only spend little amounts of time at it at a time and had to keep packing up all the scrapbooking gear each time.....Anthea I don't know how you do it. I bet you have a special room/desk dedicated to your scrapbooking.
I have not been taking photos this week, too busy with the feeding again. Oh I am so tired, I am off to bed. I started this post ages ago but got distracted with feeding Ryan, he is now finally settled in our room.....only after feeding him 3 times in the last 1.5 hours LOL.
Anyway, tell next time Toodles.

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Anthea said...

Karina, you are doing the best you can, and that is all you can expect of yourself, I know your beating yourself up, but try not to, I hope your feeling a little better and things with Ryan can get back on track for you.

Sounds like someone has a dose of the terrible twos!! LOL I hope shes being a good girl for you today.

I love your LO! and those photos of anna are so sweet!

PS, YES I have a scrap room, I had to bunk the boys intogether to get it though! : )