Friday, August 03, 2007

My Little Man.

Awwww, isn't he a cutie. I am sooooo inlove LOL. Things are going much better I think and I am actually almost looking foward to the next weigh in. He has been a very setted and contented little man today, I feel my milk has increased again and he is feeding more efficiently. I croched that beanie he is wearing in those pictures, it is pure wool from the Bendigo woolen Mills and is a peach. He certainly need it in this freezing melbourne weather.

Have to say a special thankyou to Anthea for all your support, not only just now with the breastfeeding but the past 10 months while we were pregnant. Seems like almost eberyone in our not so little group is or has had feeding trouble of some kind huh! Why can't it just be easy? Anyway thanks heaps and I hope you are feeling much better XXX

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Luv Angel Musik Babee said...

gorgeous as always Karina, it helps to have such cute subjects ;)

You always take fantastic photo's, I suck at photography LOL