Tuesday, January 02, 2007

This week!

O.K time to start this pregnancy exercise diary. This week went as follows.

Wednesday: 30mins on bike on hiking setting. Max HR 140 & fitball workout
Thursday: 30mins on Bike, hiking setting 8.82km max HR 142
Friday: 35mins on bike, hiking setting 10.42km max HR 145 and fitball workout
Saturday: 15mins on bike before giving up and just doing fitball exercises.
Tuesday: (today) 35mins bike on hiking. 10.53km max HR 149

I dunno what happened Saturday. My legs just felt like lead and They hurt so much I couldn;t go fast enought to get my HR up so I gave it a miss and decided not to push it and did a fitball WO instead. Sun & Mon I did absolutely NO exercise AAGGGGHHHHH.

Hopefully after tomorrow I will have some good news about our baby and some pictures.

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Lee said...

Great stuff K !!

Good luck with your appointment :)